How to Make the HCG Diet Work For You

If you want to try the HCG diet, you may be scared by all of the rules behind it. However, those rules have a place since they can help you lose weight. Before you embark on the diet, you should create an HCG diet plan that will work for you. While you will have to follow the rules to see the best results, you have a bit of choice in terms of what you eat, which can help make the transition a little easier.

1. Fill Up on Coffee

When you follow a low-calorie diet like the HCG diet, you need to keep yourself full in other ways. If you drink coffee in the morning, that can be a great way to suppress your appetite so that you can successfully skip breakfast. Of course, you want to avoid using sugar or milk, but you can sweeten your coffee with Stevia. You can also drink plain tea or water to fill yourself up until lunchtime.

2. Choose Your Protein

While you can’t have fatty meats, you have a few choices for how you get your protein. If you’re a fan of seafood, you can eat shrimp, crab, or white-fleshed fish. However, you should avoid fatty fish like salmon and tuna. If you prefer land-based meat, you can eat chicken breast, veal, and non-marveled beef. The HCG diet may sound restrictive, but you don’t have to settle on a few foods.

3. Select a Fruit

Unfortunately, you can’t eat a lot of fruits on the HCG diet, and you have to limit what you do eat. Hopefully, you can find at least one fruit that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving for carbs in general. When it comes to fruits, you can choose a handful of strawberries, an orange, and apple, or one-half of a grapefruit. You don’t have a ton of options, but those fruits are all very different, so you can mix things up to keep your meals interesting.

4. Use Seasonings

The HCG diet doesn’t allow you to consume oil, butter, or dressing. However, you can add dry seasoning to your food to add flavor and spice. Whether you’re a fan of salt or prefer to add pepper, you can use as much as you please. You can also use thyme, basil, parsley, and garlic. Adding seasoning can be a great way to improve a meal, and it’s the perfect option for diversifying what you eat when following such a minimal diet.

5. Avoid Temptation

To follow the diet successfully, you can’t cheat at all. If you want to make the HCG diet work for you, you have to commit to it with no excuses. The easiest way to do this is to get rid of any temptations in your kitchen or pantry. Throw out the junk food, ditch the desserts, and fill your fridge and pantry with -diet-approved foods. Not only will it help you avoid giving into temptation, but you can look forward to buying and cooking foods that will help you on your weight loss journey.

Whether you’re new to the HCG diet or dieting in general, you need to make it easy on yourself. Now, this diet may not have room for error, but that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to follow. If you can eat the right things and avoid the wrong things, you can use the diet to lose weight.


Paul Petersen

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