How to Make Your Home a Great Bed and Breakfast

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Being a part of a billion-dollar industry can be an exciting thought if you are thinking about how to make your home a great bed and breakfast. In fact, many bed and breakfast owners have been able to enjoy years of successful business thanks to improvements in the way people can travel today and search for accommodations, such as through Airbnb.

In order to be a part of all of this, you first need to open your own bed and breakfast. To help you along with this, we listed the course of action that you need to take in order to make your home a successful bed and breakfast.

Decide if It Is a Good Fit for Your Location

Just like any other business, you need to ensure that it will be a good fit for your location. You also need to ensure that it will be able to bear everything that you and your customers expect from it. Decide if your location is frequented by visitors and if so, are there other similar establishments available or will yours be the only bed and breakfast? Do you plan to provide guests with unique perks such as a mattress Black Friday promotion?

When you know that your location does not have what you are offering, then you will be able to worry less about competition and focus on providing your service.

Acquire a Property

Acquiring the perfect property will be the difference between being allowed to open and having to look elsewhere. This is because you need to ensure that your bed and breakfast property is located in a commercially zoned area.

Obtain All Necessary Business Permits

Opening a bed and breakfast is no different from any other business. This means you will be required to obtain all necessary permits prior to opening. The requirements may differ depending on where you will be located so be sure to check the exact requirements.

Make Personalized Modifications

Being able to provide a difference that customers will love, it is imperative that you make modifications that will peak a tenants interest. This includes incorporating the decor so that it creates a welcoming feel. You can also have your bed and breakfast represent a theme based on the location. For example, if your bed and breakfast will be near a beach, then you can incorporate beach-inspired decor. However, it is not necessary to have any specific concept in mind. Just by having a great presentation that is able to accept your guests and provide the necessary amenities will allow you to see success.

Develop an Organized Plan

After opening your bed and breakfast, you need to know what is needed to be done daily. The amount of work can be overwhelming, which is why having an organized plan will help. When you have a plan, you can then develop job duties so that everything is taken care of.

Figure Out Expected Investment

Determine the finances needed in order to become fully prepared prior to opening for business. As you figure this out, it is also a good idea to determine the amount of monthly expenses so that you can figure out what your nightly charge should be.

Allow Guests to Find You

It is important to have a way for guests to find you once you are open for business. There are many ways available such as a website, but the best would be to have your bed and breakfast searchable among various websites specializing in travel, such as the well-known Airbnb.

Allow Feedback From Guests

Allowing feedback from guests is an important way to discover how the business is doing overall and what may need improvement on. This is especially important with guests who are traveling and want to ensure that they feel safe right from the start. Having guests feel safe and welcome can be challenging if your bed and breakfast is just starting out, but not impossible.

Having a business that is relatively unknown can easily put you at a disadvantage, but when you accept feedback, you will receive the validation that you are looking for. This will let others see and eventually build an increase in interest for your bed and breakfast.


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