How to optimize your blogs for SEO?

Search engine optimization is something which is extremely important for the marketers. When you optimise your web pages and your blogs, you are making your website more visible to the audience. This will help you to generate more traffic for your website. But how exactly are you going to optimise your blogs for SEO? Well, here we are with a few tips and tricks that will allow you to increase the visibility of your blogs:

Include long tail keywords in your blog: Optimizing your blogs for keywords is not just about including a huge number of keywords in your blog post as this can lead to keyword stuffing. So, you must include appropriate keywords only that will completely blend with the intent and goals of your target readers. Give your followers an excellent reading experience. You must also make it a point to include one or two long tail keywords in your blog. This will help your blog post to rank well on search engines and your blog will easily be noticed by the interested readers. You can also take the help of SEO tools to carry out in-depth keyword analysis. You can visit Zutrix SEO site to know everything that you need to know about how to use Zutrix for keyword research.

Include relevant keywords in specific portions of your blog: It is very important for you to incorporate the keywords in relevant portions of your blog. But what are the best parts to include the keywords so that your website ranks well in search engine results? Well, the four essential places where you must try to include your keywords are title tag, body and header, meta description and URL. The title tag of your blog is the search engine’s first step towards understanding the relevance of the content of your website. So, including a keyword in the title tag is really beneficial for your blog. You must also try to include your keyword within the first 60 characters of your title. It is definitely going to give you a really good exposure. 

Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in your header and body section as well. However, don’t go overboard as it can lead to keyword stuffing. The search engines also observe the URL to figure out what your blogs are all about. So ,you can include long tail keywords in the URL. Your meta description is also important. It will give your readers information about your blog on search engine results. So, include a few keywords in the meta description also.

Make sure that your blog posts are mobile-friendly: These days, over 80% of people browse the internet from their mobile devices. That is why it is very important for your website to be optimised for mobile devices as well. Otherwise, you will never be able to acquire the required popularity. Your blogs should load extremely fast on mobile devices. Your website must also have a responsive design that will allow the mobile users to go through your blog easily. You can also visit this source to know all about how to make use of SEO to increase the visibility of your website and your blogs.

Optimize your images: Make it a point to include attractive images in your blog posts as well. Otherwise, people will be bored of going through long textual posts. Including image alt text can be really beneficial for your blogs. This will not only increase the readability but will also give your users a very good reading experience. You can also visit for details regarding how optimized images help in improving your SEO rank.

So, these are some of the best and easiest ways by means of which you will be able to optimize your blogs. If you have something else in mind, please don’t forget to share it with us. Also, do share your blogging experience with our readers.

Paul Petersen

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