SEO and SEM are not the same, but they can complement each other

It is common to confuse the concepts of SEO and SEM. Therefore, it is important to know them, differentiate them and know that they can be two complementary tools that make up a good marketing and content strategy. When we talk about the term SEO, we talk about search engine optimization. SEO is one of the main and most important digital marketing actions. Without a good SEO strategy drawn by professional SEO service providers, our business will not be able to appear in the first positions of Google results.

Another difference with respect to SEM is that the results obtained with SEO strategies are in the medium/long term. A good positioning entails months of work, of correctly debugging the content and creating a link with users, adding value with said content. With search engine advertising campaigns, it is possible to position the business in the first positions in the shortest possible time, through a small investment. It can be very useful for those businesses that are starting their activity and that want to obtain greater visibility.

Advantages of applying SEM

We say that SEO and SEM can be complementary tools for a good digital marketing strategy. By implementing both, we will have a good short-term (SEM), medium and long-term (SEO) strategy. However, it is advisable to define a marketing plan that includes the different SEO and SEM actions, trying not to neglect any of them. For example, if we leave SEO aside, our business will no longer appear among the first results (when we stop investing in SEM campaigns).

Increase web traffic

With a good SEM campaign, it is possible to generate visits to our website. However, the objectives can vary – from selling our product or service, to promoting our brand or making ourselves known. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the campaigns to the objectives set.

Instant positioning

The main advantage with respect to organic positioning is that it allows us to position our business in the first search results from the moment we activate the campaign, with which we can instantly increase traffic to our page. On certain dates or special events, such as Black Friday, Christmas or sales periods, many businesses apply this strategy to increase their sales.

Personalized quote

One of the reasons for applying SEM and not other advertising actions is because of the possibility of controlling and adjusting the budget at any time. We can define the maximum budget that we are willing to spend on the campaign, how much will be invested daily or decide on the maximum amount that we are willing to pay for each click. In addition, another of the most characteristic advantages is that we only pay when the user clicks on the ads. Therefore, it will only be an expense if we really get a sale or conversion opportunity.


Campaigns can be highly personalized with segmentation. This segmentation is the key to making our SEM campaign effective. With it, different messages can be offered for different customer profiles. For example, it can be segmented by age, gender, location, tastes, hobbies, etc. Today, having a presence on the Internet is essential to make yourself known.

Perfect for testing and data collection

Carrying out a search engine campaign can be useful for us to collect information about our public, which is very valuable for the business. Among the most significant data, we can analyze what type of message our audience likes the most, what keywords are the most important, the position that our ads have achieved, etc. In addition, by linking our Google Ads account with the Google Analytics account, we will obtain more in-depth data about the users who visit our website and what they do on our site.



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