How to Tell You Need an Emergency Dentist

Have you accidentally knocked out a tooth? Did you crack a molar while eating hard candy? Or, have you experienced an unexplained or sudden toothache? All of these can be considered a dental emergency.

If you experience one of these issues, then seeking fast and professional care is a must. In some situations, though, it is hard to know if you are experiencing a true emergency. Keep reading to find out for sure if you require the help of emergency dentistry Windsor Terrace.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are any oral health condition that requires immediate attention from your dentist. In some situations, the emergency will be obvious, for example, if you have a tooth that is knocked out or seriously cracked. In other situations, you may have bleeding or pain, but be unsure of the cause.

As with any other medical emergency, it is crucial that you see, professional treatment immediately. If you ignore severe pain, bleeding, a broken or loosened took, it can create several complications that may require more expensive and extensive treatment down the road.

How to Tell if You Are Dealing with a Dental Emergency

In most cases, you will not need to call for emergency dental care unless you need care right away. While issues such as a broken or lost dental appliance (a retainer or mouthguard), mild toothache, lost fillings, or broken crowns may be frustrating to deal with, these are not actual emergencies. They will require care at some point, and you need to contact your dentist, you probably will not need an appointment with an emergency dentist.

Most emergencies are going to involve serious pain, severe bleeding, or a tooth that is considered “at risk.” An at-risk tooth is one that has been knocked out, cracked, broken, or seriously loosened. It is essential that you seek professional care and help without waiting to help improve the likelihood that you will be able to save your tooth.

Finding the Right Emergency Dentist

If you have a true emergency, then contacting an emergency dentist right away is a must. Remember, do some research to find a dentist that best suits your needs and that will be able to provide you with the care services you need, at any time, night or day. Knowing who to call in these situations can also provide you peace of mind that you will know who to call when an emergency occurs.

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