How to Upgrade a Character in D2

Character development is one of the most important processes in online gaming as it allows players to move forward on the game plot and raise their levels. There are different ways to improve a character’s features, but they all often demand a lot of time. So, it is convenient to seek help from professionals, such as Epiccarry.

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There are three most common types of personage upgrading:

  • The system of scoring points that provides a scheme of getting a certain number of marks to develop a hero. These points become available after completion of various tasks and can be accumulated for the purchase of special skills. In Destiny 2, the main goal of guardians is killing alien creatures. Every successful fight brings experience points.
  • Frequent using of skills is known as natural advancement as it imitates real life – more fighting increases power, more running – speed, etc.
  • Progress depends on the equipment and skills that were found during the game. In such cases, only a good playing strategy makes the character stronger. In Destiny 2, a very important universal personage parameter is its power, which depends on available armor and weapon. In this game, equipped clothes affect necessary skills like mobility, durability, and recovery.

Peculiarities of Character Boosting in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players can use all popular accessible options for personage leveling up as well as specific on-site methods that were created taking into account all particular qualities of this game. For example, there is a chance to increase your level by participating in Trials of Osiris – a PvP-event that is held every weekend. Recently introduced greatly powerful weapon – The Lament Exotic Sword ­ will ensure upgrading as well. In addition, users can get special points for their Glory rank by winning Crucible matches.


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