Is it unhealthy to sleep with an escort girl? Is it safe to have sex with a prostitute?

All escorts use protection when having sex with their clients. Only a crazy / desperate woman would have sex without a condom; and likewise, only a madman would sleep with an escort girl without a condom. You don’t hear much about high class escorts who have unprotected sex with their clients.

However, if a client and an escort girl become more intimate and personal, the dynamics can change. Some of my regular clients, whom I have known for years, asked me if we could try without a condom. He trusted me, I guess. But I refused. In general, most escorts are extremely expensive when it comes to their health.

A lot of escorts aim to offer impeccable services to their clients

Women who take more risks do so to satisfy their clients’ wishes – because for many clients, oral sex with a condom is quite boring. Unfortunately, some escorts do this to get more clients. What these women do not realize is that they make a short-term gain, but take a long-term risk. Regarding most escorts, we take minimal risks: we use a condom for sex and oral sex. Therefore, it is not unhealthy to sleep with an escort girl if she uses protection during intercourse.

Given that there is a minimum of skin-to-skin contact, sleeping with a high-class escort can be a bit “unsatisfactory” from a client’s perspective. I use the word “unsatisfactory” because sex with an escort girl is often physical, with no real intimacy. Amazing sex is based on stimulating the mind and body. Thus, sex between a client and a prostitute does not have an essential stimulation of the mind.

You can take precautions and sleep with an escort girl, If you want a healthy escort then you can check for escort in Luccathere are some precautions you need to take before sleeping with an escort girl.

After all, how exciting and delicious can sex be without deep kisses, touches? These “delicious” acts are risky with customers, but many customers require it. They want sex to be as real as possible. They want their escort to behave like their girlfriends: they want to have oral sex, kiss their lips and feel their mouth over their “manhood”.

There is enormous pressure for escorts to exceed safety limits to make their clients happy. Many clients prefer cheaper women because it is assumed that cheap women do “more” for “less” (thus, the risk is increased). These men miss the essence of a pleasant sex, because pleasure is based on connection (not how much or how little she is willing to do). There are also escorts with very high prices who do everything for a limited clientele. This puts tremendous pressure on women in the industry: how easy is it for a woman to maintain her safety, comfort, and success?

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