Is Microsoft Azure IoT hub worth it? What are its features?

Define message routes to other Azure services without writing any code by using device-to-cloud telemetry data to determine the state of your devices. Send notifications and commands to your connected devices with confidence with cloud-to-device messaging, and follow message delivery with acknowledgment receipts.

Device communications are transmitted with durability to account for intermittently connected devices. In Akenza’s Internet of Things Services section, Azure IoT Hub is a tool. Give your Internet of Things (IoT) application and the devices it controls access to extremely reliable and secure connectivity. Virtually any device can be connected using Azure IoT Hub’s cloud-hosted solution back end.

By including per-device authentication, integrated device management, and scaled provisioning, your solution can be extended from the cloud to the edge.

  • Secure communication channel for IoT device data transmission and reception
  • Device Update for Azure IoT Hub provides over-the-air deployment of updates to keep IoT devices secure and up to date.
  • Serverless computing and Azure Event Grid are fully integrated, making the creation of IoT applications simpler.
  • Compatibility for creating hybrid Internet of Things apps with Azure IoT Edge

Send commands and notifications efficiently and effectively to your connected devices with confidence with cloud-to-device messaging, and keep track of message delivery using acknowledgment receipts.

With Device Update for IoT Hub, keep IoT devices current.

Learn about the advantages of using Device Update for Azure IoT Hub, such as quickly responding to security issues and delivering functionality to achieve business goals without having to pay additional development and maintenance expenses associated with creating your own update platforms.

Verify each device’s authenticity for increased security

Create unique identities and credentials for each of your connected devices to help protect the privacy of the messages sent from the cloud to the device and from the device to the cloud. As necessary, selectively revoke access privileges for particular devices. To hasten the implementation of IoT, automate device provisioning.

Device registration and provisioning may be done in a very safe and scalable manner with no touching. Any IoT device that is Azure IoT Hub compliant is supported by the device provisioning service for Azure IoT Hub.

Add your edge devices to the cloud’s power.

It is simple to construct and deploy IoT Edge modules to send code and services between the cloud and the edge. Distribute intelligence, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced analytics, across various devices, lowering the cost of your IoT application, making development easier, and allowing devices to operate offline or with sporadic connectivity.

Why is MQTT important for IoT?

MQTT has been identified as one of the leading protocols for IoT solutions in recent years. There are various reasons for this. Firstly, one of the IoT protocols now used is the lightest. Since it is an open standard, any hardware or software can use it. The availability of client libraries for all popular programming languages makes it simple to create IoT applications utilizing MQTT.

MQTT’s flexibility makes it feasible to handle various IoT project designs and use case types, thanks to the publish and subscribe paradigm. Notably, since the broker manages all connections, publishers and subscribers of the system don’t even need to be aware of one another’s existence. The protocol enables highly scalable projects to be implemented, potentially enabling the connection of millions of IoT devices in a single system. Broadcasting messages to numerous devices simultaneously is possible thanks to MQTT’s bi-directional connection. Finally, MQTT provides a wide range of data security measures, including TLS encryption.


Azure IoT hub is worth the price and effort it needs. Akenza is renowned for providing an Azure IoT hub that is quick, simple, and affordable. Akenza has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland’s financial hub, and works with businesses from all over Europe to create custom smart IoT solutions.

One of the recipients of the IoT Breakthrough Award 2021 is Akenza; the technology company was named “Smart Construction Solution of the Year” in the Internet of Things industry. In their own words, the IoT Breakthrough Award’s founders acknowledge “great achievements and inventiveness, hard work and the success of IoT companies, technology and products” through this competition.

With notable clients like the Facility Management Provider ISS Switzerland and Georg Fischer, as well as with other large clients, the business has established itself in long-term relationships.

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