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You must be 100% about what your business will be, so when you actually start making your business it will not be just a big messy pile of things you wanted to accomplish, but never really did because you were way too overloaded, talking about ideas, there are many great business ideas you can pickup that are pretty popular and trendy, one great example of this is YouTube channel. Even though many don’t take it so seriously, YouTube remains to be really profitable, for such a success on YouTube you will need to get subscribers, either by uploading consistently and working on the channel image or you can buy YouTube subscribers, what is other way around the complex algorithm of YouTube

A vision to define the business strategy

Knowing his market perfectly, being able to perceive its evolutions to identify new opportunities: the Business Developer is an unparalleled analyst and a visionary on emerging needs . He places his action in the medium and long term to define the company’s business orientations.

Capitalize on your experiences to take risks

Are you using a formula that works within your company today? If you prefer to stay on your laurels, it means that you are not a Business Developer. Because a Business Developer constantly seeks to explore new paths . The launch of new products and services is at the heart of its business. With the inherent risk of failure. The Business Developer is responsible for identifying opportunities, making choices and assuming the consequences of potential failures.

Moreover, the more jobs and experience you have accumulated, the better your ability to take “the right risks”.

Reflect, analyze and act

With your mastery of the market, you have defined a commercial strategy, a common thread of the commercial development actions of your company. Step 2 is to implement this strategy. Because as a good Biz Dev, your profile is as much strategic as operational . And yes, you will have to get your hands dirty!

The most important advice is to make your business automated by using small apps and software, you can make use of to manage your operations efficiently.

The Business Developer: a complete salesperson

Are you excellent at detecting market opportunities, but hate trading? In this case, you may be unhappy in the position of Biz Dev. Because this one, as a Super Commercial, is in charge of both negotiation and loyalty. And since he always has his eye on the future, he never gives up prospecting – even in the event of intense activity!

Your priority: be well organized

No room for boredom for the Business Developer! Your challenge: to succeed in reconciling all the activities that fall to you. Prospecting, business meetings, reminders, strategy adjustment, organization and team management . To avoid being overwhelmed by emergencies, learn to work in blocks of time and stick to it. Focus on the urgent and important, delegate what can be delegated. And keep a very precise view of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly priorities.

tools and methodology

Knowing that you have to be organized is good. Having effective tools to really be so is better!

There is a solution that the Business Developer cannot do without: the CRM, your customer relationship management tool. All the information concerning your prospects and customers must be filled in there. The CRM makes it possible to consolidate your customer database, to optimize routes, to automate certain follow-up actions. It is the Business Developer’s tool par excellence. Other useful tools: shared task lists, agile organization software, Marketing Automation tools…

A broad vision, beyond the commercial

Well beyond the traditional scope of a commercial position, the Business Developer integrates a marketing and communication dimension into his job . It is also a position at the junction of the legal and the financial. Hence the need to have an open approach, with a great ability to integrate related expertise and to communicate with the other departments of the company.

Soft Skills: the essentials of a good Biz Dev

In constant contact with prospects, customers, internal company departments, teams and management, the business developer is also a manager. He must show empathy and benevolence with his teams and all of his interlocutors . His interpersonal qualities depend in part on his success.

Knowing how to value yourself: the challenge of Personal Branding

As the Business Developer is often in the spotlight, he can ensure part of the work of visibility and/or reassurance through his personal brand image. Investing in professional social networks and being present at Afterworks promotes its notoriety as well as that of the company.

Unfailing resistance

Present on all fronts, the Business Developer must have a resistance beyond the ordinary: to fatigue, to workload… and above all to stress, which is inevitable in a position with high exposure.

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