LinkedIn Ads for B2B

LinkedIn became a perfect platform for B2B projects. B2B needs to find a business-oriented auditorium. This specified social media became a wide field for engaging new business projects and B2B collaboration. B2B ads campaign might be a tricky game, but adopting a clear strategy and sticking to it might open all the endless opportunities for LinkedIn B2B ads campaigns.


Just like any advertising campaign, LinkedIn ads strategy needs clear goals. Taking into consideration the B2B character of the network, there might be several quite distinctive goals you will achieve with the B2B Linked in Ads. You might build a solid contact list to have a certain amount of potential targeted customers. You may also get the leads as users may get interested in your company directly. One more possible result of a LinkedIn B2B ad is raising awareness about your brand in general.

Target Audience

The main purpose of LinkedIn is to bring businesses together. This makes it a perfect platform for B2B campaigns. Targeting is always important in any advertising campaign but the LinkedIn space gives you more specific possibilities. Except for regular demographic and geography targeting, it lets you also aim at job positions, remarketing, and email lists of a specific business.

Types of ads

LinkedIn offers you several types of ads that call for a different audience and may have a different effect.

  • Sponsored content – an ad that looks like a post in the feed
  • Sponsored InMails – just like sponsored content those types of ads look like personal messages sent to a user and therefore attract attention naturally with no production to an advertised content
  • Text Ads – the most common and classical advertising content. The information appears on the side-panel together with the logo of the company. In a way, this might also be a preferable format of advertising as it gives a full understanding of the purpose of the message.

Ads Testing

Just like any other commercials, LinkedIn ads have to be tested before you can make an informed decision about their effectiveness. It is important to remember that id tour targeting is quite strict, you might show your ads to a very limited amount of users. This means that the same person might have seen it several times. If the ad did not reach the desired effect, in this case, you might consider making some adjustments. If you are showing your commercial to a wider auditorium, it might take a longer period to test its efficiency. Anyway, just like in any digital marketing strategy, LinkedIn B2B commercials take some time to test, adjust, and turn into revenue.

LinkedIn is the network that comes to mind first when we are talking about B2B advertising. Due to its specific auditorium, it might be a perfect market to establish B2B collaborations. LinkedIn is said to be different from all the known social media and therefore should be treated as such in many cases. But when we talk about advertising, LinkedIn generally follows the common tendencies that we have already learned from Facebook and Google ads.


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