Local SEO in 2021 – A Complete Guide to Improve Your Business Presence

Local Search Engine Optimization is critical for your business, especially, for better online presence and increased business. Statistics point out that 46% of Google searchers look for local services. So, it is important for businesses to optimize for local search.

This article is a complete guide to stay ahead of business and to know how to optimize local search and allow customers to reach you easily.

How to Improve Business by Optimizing the local search results?

It is vital for your business to offer services to local prospective customers. Local search optimization helps in this regard with the help of

  • Local Business Content
  • Social Profile Pages
  • Relevant Business links and
  • Citations

Bleen.com.au is an incredible online business directory that highlights your business and offers the right services to its customers. The users have found the website more conducive for its accurate results. The local search results are apt and thus increases the company’s profit rates.

Google My Business Optimization

Top 5 Local SEO Strategies to Increase Your Traffic in 2021 | upGrad blog


Execute this action first, as it increases your local presence considerably. Google also supports businesses and it verifies the data comprehensively. The verification can set ranking to the search results too. To Optimize Google My Business you must do the following things:

  • Create a Google My Business Page
  • Get the Page verified
  • Create Google posts within the account
  • Respond to the customer reviews

Care must be taken in entering the information as you create the Google My Business Page. If the information is incorrect and inconsistent across social media pages and other platforms, the business might suffer in its search rankings. Your business might not be listed for user’s searches even if you feel that the information is relevant.

Improve on Social Media Engagement

Many businesses consider a social profile page is just an add-on. But that is not the case. As you list your business on Google My business, simultaneously create social media profile pages. Create posts about your business. Add relevant and appealing pictures that attract customers. Encourage customer reviews and appropriate responses to them prove advantageous.

Online Business Directories

Placing your business on top business directories can help your business grow multi-fold. At the same time, the online business directory must be popular for the customer to visit website. Optimizing the local search with the correct location can yield better prospects for your organization’s growth.

SEO Audit

Once the above optimization is done, you must perform the audit at regular intervals. Businesses would like to know the performance of the SEO. You can make informed decisions with the analytics data offered by Google.


Improving the customer base for your services is vital at any point in time. Businesses must keep their customers updated regularly about their products and services. BusyFox is an excellent business blogging and article platform that helps drive customer traffic to your website. The company publishes news articles, blogs about your company and keeps the customers informed about the updates regularly. More importantly, the backlinks created by them will divert the customers to the services provided by your company.

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