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Performance anxiety is linked to the obsession with success. It is also the excessive fear of failure and the unsettling feeling of never being up to the task. This form of anxiety is experienced by many on a daily basis. It is therefore not surprising that it also transposes into the bedroom. Good news today is the end.

Live in the moment

Sex is meant to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Not an obstacle course. If you are continually anticipating a possible catastrophe, chances are your brain will take your word for it. “I’m going to lose my erection.”, “I won’t be lubricated enough”, “He’ll leave me if I don’t have an orgasm”, “I’m not desirable enough for him”, etc. Silence that destructive voice and focus on the present moment. Fully feel the caresses and let your impulses go. You know, the main sexual organ is not in your pants, but in your head if the brain is numb with stress, so will sex.  The Anxiety therapist is important.


Performance anxiety usually occurs after a bad sexual episode. An erection failure or insufficient lubrication for example. You need to have a proper idea for this as we know how things really run about it. You need to have a proper idea regarding this kinds of situation and you will need a proper option to eradicate it for good.

Talk it over

Talk to your partner about your negative feelings. Let her know how you feel when it comes time to make connections. Sharing your fears will take a huge burden off your shoulders, as the other will find the right words to reassure you. In addition, you will be able to work together on possible solutions. The more you feel the support of your spouse, the more confidence you will gain. Do not hesitate to consult a sex therapist for personalized tools according to your situation.


Each day, take a moment to breathe deeply as you remove all negative thoughts related to your anxiety. Take advantage of this moment to visualize a sexual relationship without anxiety where everything goes according to your expectations. The meditation has always been beneficial in times of stress and it is just as when suffering from “performance anxiety related to sexuality. If, during sex, you feel some discomfort, do not hesitate to take a break to breathe deeply. Nothing prevents you from continuing a little later when you have found your bearings.

Be actors

When you are consumed with performance anxiety you become a spectator of your sexuality. You are on the lookout for everything going on in fine detail and this is what can contribute to your stress. “Am I losing my erection?”, “Am I lubricated enough?”, “is my position sexy?” Etc. Stop this inner talktakes the role of the main actor. For a sexuality to be fulfilling, you need a part of selfishness to take care of your sexual interests. These are the signs that you have to consider.

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