Making Your Life Easier When You Have a Pet

Making Your Life Easier When You Have a Pet

Owning a pet is extremely rewarding, and very popular – it’s estimated 44% of households in the UK have a pet of some kind. A pet can also bring with it challenges, so today we’re looking at ways you can make your life easier so you can enjoy more of the good times and less of the challenging ones.

Register With the Vet

Apart from it being your duty as a responsible owner to get your pet registered with a vet, it will also make your life easier in future. It’s always less stressful to find a vet at your leisure and register than it is to search for one when your pet is in the midst of a worrying health crisis.

Building a relationship with your vet when you get a pet (or when you move house) means you have a trusted source of advice, somewhere to go for regular check ups to spot the early signs of serious issues, and most importantly you know where to go in an emergency and how to get your pet there.

Financial Matters

Pets can have significant impact on your financial life – from the initial cost of the pet itself and its bowls, beds and toys (or even dedicated tanks and terrariums), to the ongoing costs of food, or even an impact on your electricity and water bills, to the less frequent larger costs that come with vet’s fees.

You can make this easier for yourself by budgeting in advance – try to work out the ‘running costs’ of your chosen pet before you commit and make sure it fits into your household budgeting. You can also look for ways to manage the financial impact of your pet – insurance can help to spread the cost of vet’s fees for example, and there are often savings available if you buy staples like food or cat litter in bulk or by subscription.


 While not all pets can be taken for a walk like dogs, it’s well worth thinking about their physical exercise and mental stimulation. An understimulated pet can get stressed, depressed or anxious, as well suffering weight gain and the attendant health problems.

While exercising your pet, through a walk, through allowing them access to the outside world or through play with toys is good for them, it also makes your life easier. It means a better behaved pet, a happy and healthier one, and that means one that is easier to live with, that needs fewer visits to the vet!

Alison Lurie

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