Mark Roemer Examines Ways to Burn 1,000 Calories in 20 Minutes


In this age of superfast and city-based lifestyle, it is very easy to gain huge quantities of unnecessary calories that do nothing but make your health poor. But do not worry anymore. In this article, Mark Roemer examines some essential tips for you to burn almost 1000 calories in just 20 minutes. To get the maximum results, you have to focus on doing a combination of high-intensity interval training and steady-state cardio exercises.

The Ways

Here are some ways to burn almost 1000 calories in 20 minutes:

  1. Rope jumping- Rope jumping could be a possible and effective exercise as the more you meditate and focus, the more you gain expertise. You can burn almost 750-1047 calories within a duration of 2 hours (including the resting time in between sets).
  1. Jumping jacks- Another way to burn your calories is jumping jacks and plank jacks. Do 40 jumps and without resting get ready with a plank position; hop and lift your toes off the floor; place them about the shoulder-width position, and then hop and bring back the feet into their previous position again. You can burn 600 calories easily in this way within 20-30 minutes!
  1. Crunches- Bothered by belly fat? Crunches and sit-ups can provide you with miracles. Rotate in between leg up sit-up, bicycle crunch, or leg up crunch. You will see the result. You can burn 600-900 calories very easily and your belly will be in perfect shape.
  1. Squats and lunges– Doing squats and lunges could be a great help to reduce the unnecessary fat but adding jump with these will definitely prove to be more useful. Do 20 reps of jump squats and 20 reps of jump lunges with a break time of 1 minute in between every two sets and you will get the result.
  1. High knees- The best exercise to improve the condition of your quads, calf, hamstrings, and glutes is to do high knees. The procedure is almost the same as the jump squats and jump-lunges. However, you have to do the set of 40 reps this time. Also, this strengthens the health of your lungs and heart.
  1. Cycling- Cycling has always been a necessary exercise if you don’t want to hit the gym. Paddle around for 90-120 minutes with a break time of 2 minutes between each round. And the extra fat in your calf and thighs will be reduced. Moreover, your legs will have a toned shape. But remember, the speed limit should be 15 mph at maximum.
  1. Running- Run at an average speed of 8 mph but don’t forget to mix several sets of a sprint at the speed of 13-14 mph with it. In this way, you will be able to burn up to 1000 calories within only one hour.
  1. Swimming- Just like running, swimming can be of great help with a regular practice in which you can try various different strokes. Try 10 laps in each set with a gap of 1 minute in between and see the result. Every single muscle of your body would be stretched out and exhausted and it’ll help you to lose a ton of calories.


With proper training and regular practice, nothing is impossible. Mark Roemer suggests that you brush yourself up and get ready to get into shape to cope up with the fast-pacing world that is full of activities. Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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