Matthew Davies Examines Workouts To Improve Mental Health


Workout not only makes you powerful in terms of physical strength but also helps in improving your mental health. You can observe several mental improvements in people who work out regularly. These include a reduced level of anxiety, clear thinking, increased self-esteem, etc. People who do workouts regularly are three times more active than those who do nothing. According to Matthew Davies, regular workouts can reduce the risk of depression by up to 30 percent.

The Workouts

Here are some workouts that can improve your mental health:

  1. Walking – Walking is one of the best and most affordable workout routines you can do for improving mental health. The best thing is that anybody can do it irrespective of their age. You do not need to spend hours at the gym and just ten minutes of walking can be a huge benefit to your mental health. Walking is a low-intensity aerobic activity but this workout can encourage positive thoughts and improve alertness.
  1. Swimming – Another good workout that can provide huge benefits to your mental health is swimming. Swimming helps in releasing endorphins in the brain which is a kind of hormone that can increase positivity and bring a sense of wellbeing and happiness. In other words, you can simply say that swimming can help in reducing the level of stress. This is how swimming can boost brain health.
  1. Boxing – Boxing is another beneficial workout that helps you to release your stress and anger. Apart from managing stress and anger, boxing also helps you to prevent other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. People who regularly participate in boxing sessions can solely focus on the task at hand.

Thus, boxing helps you in getting a positive direction which ultimately assists you to become more productive. Moreover, boxing also helps you to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Since boxing allows you to learn how to defend yourself, it makes you more mentally- resilient as well.

  1. Yoga – Yoga is a popular workout that not only helps you to enhance your flexibility and strength but it also assists in reducing the level of your stress and boosting mindfulness. Apart from enhancing the functions of the brain, yoga can also change the structure of the brain in a notable manner. Yoga plays a great role in establishing the mind and body connection.
  1. Running – Running is a great workout that provides tremendous physical as well as mental benefits. Running can decrease the symptoms of depression, improves the ability to learn, and sharpens your memory. According to research, running can protect the brain from aging. People who run in the morning can also sleep better. Apart from that, running regularly can play a great role in healing your brain from substance abuse and it also helps in increasing creativity.


According to Matthew Davies, it is important to start participating in a workout routine from an early age to remain healthier when you grow old. Also, you must take care of your nutrition needs to stay mentally alert and fit.

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