Natural Healing: Treating Health Conditions Through Physiotherapy

Truly, the advancement in the medical field has never been faster today. Innovating robots and technology in complex operations and surgeries as well as incorporating new methods in creating vaccines. The medical field has been unstoppable ever since. 

Despite all of these innovations and advancements, many people still seek anatural healing way in Singapore. It is evident based on the number of patients who undergo TCM methods and physiotherapy clinics near me searches on Google. 

Physiotherapists in Singapore practice physical therapy to treat several health conditions among Singaporeans. The treatment’s effectivity and physiotherapy cost in Singaporehave been the biggest factors many choose this method. 

Here are the common health problems physiotherapy can help treat:


Arthritis is a common health condition for older people. Some elderlies ignore arthritis, some reduce the pain and attack through food restrictions. 

Physiotherapy clinics can help relieve the pain seniors are suffering through a natural healing method in Singapore. Physiotherapists can create a rehabilitation programme to help reduce the inflammation of the joints that causes pain.

A programme may include joint-specific exercises, muscle and joint massages and even recommend other natural treatment such as acupuncture.

The physiotherapy cost in Singapore may vary depending on the severity of the health condition, but overall, it is much affordable than other treatments. 


Vertigo and dizziness are often caused by an imbalance problem. Older people are more prone to vertigo. They may experience disorientation and unsteadiness, in worse cases, it may lead to falls and slips.

After a precise diagnosis of the main cause of your vertigo, your physiotherapist may recommend Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. This therapy improves the balance of the patient.

Always remember that there is a type of vertigo that can be treated by physiotherapy and there are others that need medical attention.

So, before googling “physiotherapy clinic near me,make sure to consult your doctor first. 


Bone fractures are not only common to seniors but for kids as well. Accidents are often the main cause of fractures. Hip, arms and foot are the most common fracture cases.

Physiotherapy can’t treat fractures alone, but it can help improve the complications caused by the fractures like immobility. 

A physical therapist in Singapore will provide a rehabilitation programme composed of several exercises and massages. The intensity of the exercises may vary depending on the healing progression of the fracture. 

These exercises focus on regaining strength, improving balance and control, and increasing the range of movements. They may also include other home therapies to reduce swelling like ice packs and provide instructions on how to use, remove and reapply assistive devices such as walking crutches and splints. 

Sports Injuries

Many athletes go to a physical therapist in Singapore to rehabilitate sports injuries. Common sports injuries such as tennis elbows, sprains and strains, concussion and dislocation are often consulted to a physical therapist.

These sports injuries affect the mobility and flexibility of the athlete. Fast recovery is needed in order for the athlete to return to the league as soon as possible and for this reason, they attend a rehabilitation programme set by a physical therapist.

The program includes exercises restoring the full and optimal function of the injured body part, strengthening joints and muscles, improving range of motion, flexibility and movement coordination, and faster recovery. 

Pediatric Condition

Contrary to the belief of many that babies and toddlers should not undergo physical therapy, it is often recommended for parents to have their children checked by a physiotherapist.

Physical therapy helps babies and children to reach optimal physical development. It also releases the stress and tensions babies obtain during childbirth. 

There are paediatric physiotherapists who legitimately practice physical therapy among babies. However, unlike the therapy programme adults usually have, paediatric physiotherapy includes gentle massages and stretches to release tensions in the muscles and joints.

Older children who have delayed milestones can also be enrolled in paediatric physiotherapy. Here, children are assisted to perform milestones such as crawling, walking, climbing stairs and so on through simple yet fun exercises. 

Some musculoskeletal problems due to the congenital condition can also be rehabilitated through paediatric physiotherapy. 

Vehicular Accident Injuries

Road accidents are continuously increasing every year and they often leave many immobile. Many people who have obtained injuries from vehicular accidents seek physiotherapy clinics for rehabilitation. Concussion, neck strains and whiplash are the most common injuries.

Depending on the severity of the injury, road accident victims may also undergo rehabilitation programmes. The physiotherapy programme for accidents is almost similar to sports injuries. 

Physiotherapy steps into the scene post-accident or post-surgery. A physiotherapist may use specific massages to improve blood flow to reduce inflammation and restore mobility, stretches to release joint restrictions and stiffness, gentle exercise to increase mobility and body strengthening and conditioning to enhance balance and regain optimal body movement. 

Neurological Conditions

People experiencing immobility due to neurological conditions also undergo neurological physiotherapy. People who have suffered a stroke or accident that have affected the brain or the spine, impairing several body movements seek rehabilitation to regain their motor control.

A neurological physiotherapy programme may include passive stretching for muscle contraction, joint compression for muscle control and vestibular stimulation.

This rehabilitation programme may take longer than any of the mentioned programmes since it deals with temporary motor control incapacity. Sensory exercises can also be done to assess the overall condition of the body. Massages are also used to help stimulate the nerves, stretch unused muscles and improve blood flow in the body.

There are a lot of benefits we can get from physiotherapy. It is important in improving our mobility post-accident, injuries and surgery, and promotes optimal physical development among children. It also helps in maintaining the full body function for elderlies suffering from several health conditions brought by aging. 

Edge Healthcare provides the best osteopathy and physiotherapy treatment in Singapore. Edge Healthcare has a team of highly trained practitioners that works closely with medical professionals to help you achieve optimal health conditions.


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