Organising your catering event planning

There are many factors you have to consider while planning a catered event, and when you want to make it distinctive. Outlining the food and beverages for the catered events is a challenging job – be it for a first-time event planner or experienced caterer who strives to make every event special. We at, Hassle-free, are equipped to make it unique and special for our every client by customising the menu according to the client requirements. We ensure that every event is successful – be it a corporate or social event. Here are simple tips on how you can prepare for the catered event hassle free and unique for you and your guest.

Prepare the guest list

Be it a small gathering of friends and family,  or a huge gathering of the corporate people, the first step to make the catering event planning successful and hassle-free should be to prepare a list of all the guests invited for the event. It gives you an idea of the nature of gathering and avoid preparing the same, old mediocre food items. The guest list helps you to understand – How formal or informal the event would be, your guest experience in a similar type of events, guest base and location-specific needs and guest background on kind of food preferences.

Guest cuisine choice analysis 

With the proper understanding of the nature of the guest arriving for your catered event, you will be able to customise the menu options to ensure the guests are at ease with the catering event. It is relevant to understand the dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance, restricted diet and vegetarian/non-vegetarian choices amongst many others.  

Preparing the alternative menu

When you decide on the customised catering event menu planning based on the guest food preferences, you should plan for the appetiser options, buffet and entrée choice. Your aim should be to help the guest enjoy the meal along with the event. For this, ensure to offer more than one choice of entrée, which helps both vegetarian and non-vegetarian to be pleased equally.  Offer more than one salad dressing options,   allow the guests to add their condiments separately and offer choices of desserts with various flavours to ensure every guest of yours has one of their favourites.

Fresh and local is the trend

To make the menu delicious and health, consider the seasonal food items on the menu. Depending on the availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables, a unique menu can be prepared for catering the event. Also, consider the various food and beverages options that can be prepared using seasonal food items. Incorporate the fresh seafood, local fresh vegetables that are grown locally to reflect the taste of the local food items especially to the special guest from outside.  A menu prepared with the locally available items helps you make your catered event stand out.

Presentation of the menu is vital

Taste is when you eat the food, but the presentation encourages one to taste the food. When the food is beautifully presented to the guest, they will try it. It is vital to have the unique, attractive plating ideas by including colourful food items, garnishing ideas, clean plates, the appetising smell of the food. All of these forces the guest to eat the food on the menu. Complementary décor with the clean plate and glassware are hence extremely important while preparing the catering event unique planning. 

To sum up, make sure to run through your checklist and understand the nature of the guest invited for the event – to prepare a unique and hassle-free catering event. We at Hassle-free are there make your job easier. We will ensure to provide the best in the UK and that you are not dissatisfied with our service. Call us today to know more about our event catering services.

Clare Louise

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