Planning to Get a Health Screening? Here’s What You Should Do!

Events this year might have postponed or delayed your plans to get your annual medical check-up in Singapore. Whether it is because of the COVID-19 virus or you got occupied with some other things, you must never forget to let a doctor check your overall health condition.

If your usual health clinic is no longer accepting patients, you should consider finding a reliable clinic as soon as you can. Allow this article to serve as your comprehensive guide to find a quality health partner and the overall process that you will encounter.

How to Find a Reliable Health Screening Clinic

Screenings are tests that a person can get to look for diseases before they have symptoms. It is an essential part of your medical care. There are many ways that a practitioner can determine the state of your health. They could let you take a series of questionnaires, lab tests, radiology exams and other procedures that they deem necessary for you to take based on your medical history.

Remember that your health practitioner could justify the screening tests that they suggest that you take, if not, then you might want to switch to another clinic that could give you a good screening test. To help you identify a reliable clinic, here are some characteristics that they should embody:

  • Good communication skills

Part of a practitioner’s training is to know how to effectively communicate with patients. Thus, you must know that they need to listen and consult with you so that you could understand your needs. Since you are a new client in the clinic, they shall explain their health screening packages to you.

  • Empathy and compassion

Knowing all the right words to assure you that you will be taken care of is a sign of empathy and compassion. They know that every person handles a situation uniquely, but most people like hearing a health professional compassion in their voices. A good healthcare worker will be able to work with your problems calmly.

  • Clean facility

Most importantly, you must observe the clean facility. A clean facility is a clear sign that they take care of their patients by ensuring that patients are safe from any breeding grounds of disease-carrier pests.

Once you have found a reliable clinic near you, take time to prepare yourself for your appointment. Remember that what you do the day before your appointment could greatly affect the results of your tests. If you need reminders of what you must do before, during, after the screening test, here are some pointers for you to read!

Before the Health Screening Test

You will only need one medical check-up every year, so you might want to make the most out of it. Allow these pointers to remind you of what you should do before your health appointment:

  • Have a restful sleep

Sleep plays an important role in keeping you in good health throughout your life. It helps maintain a low and stable blood pressure that you will help you prepare in any test that you might undertake in your appointment. Thus, getting at least eight hours of sleep the night before your exam.

  • Avoid salty or fatty foods

Some health screening tests will require you to fast at least 8 hours before your appointment. Ask the clinic staff to ensure that you need to fast. If not, you should avoid eating salty and fatty foods since they could elevate your blood pressure levels.

  • Bring your prescriptions

Since this is a new clinic for you, they have no records of your medical history. On the day of the consultation, bring your medical records, including the medication that you are currently taking.

During the Screening Test

Now that you are physically ready for a medical check-up, here are some pointers to remember when you are doing the screening tests:

  • Ask questions

Even if this is not your first time to take a screening test, you must remember that every health screening clinic in Singapore has different procedures. If you are unsure about the way they do it, do not be afraid to approach them and ask questions.

  • Keep track of the time

Some tests are time-sensitive, meaning you have to finish the test in a specific period only. As much as possible, remember the time that you started the screening test. Wearing a watch would greatly help you with this.

  • Be honest

To ensure that you will get an accurate result, You must be honest with what you are feeling. It would help your health practitioner to determine and measure the state of your health.

After the Screening Test

After a full day of taking health tests, it is best to take plenty of rest. Here are the things you should do after your appointment:

  • Eat a full meal

Since you fasted for your screening test, you have to regain your strength with a full meal. It doesn’t mean that you should just eat anything that you want, you must remember to eat healthy foods. It includes plenty of protein and ample natural sugar-packed fruits!

  • Get plenty of rest

Before you continue with your day, ensure that you get some rest first. A 3 -hour nap would suffice or more.

  • Follow-up on your test results

While most health screening clinics in Singapore automatically send your results as soon as they get it, you may not be familiar with the procedures of your new clinic. After three days, you must contact them for a follow-up if you haven’t received any results from them.

Switching to Thomson Wellth Clinic

The year might be ending in only a few weeks, but you must not forget to assess your health with the help of a reliable medical check-up practitioner in Singapore! Trust that the practitioners of Thomson Wellth Clinic will give you the best service that you need.

Contact them on their website to book your health screening today!

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