Podiatry Sydney: 5 Everyday Foot Problems

As Australia’s most populated city, Sydney’s residents have their share of foot problems. The average Australian takes about 4,500 daily steps, according to Medical News Today. It covers areas around the capital city’s popular destinations, including Bondi Beach, Harbour Bridge, and Sydney Opera House.

As metropolis’s residents have foot problems, it’s critical to select the best Podiatry in Sydney. Studies show that nearly half of Australians wake up with foot pain at least once every week. This finding involves common issues, including the following:


The human papillomavirus (HPV) is very contagious that causes this skin growth. There are 60+ varieties of HPV that can result in skin warts. This virus causes fast cell growth on the outer layer of the body’s largest organ.

Some common places of warts include the toes and fingers. This results when a person directly contacts HPV. A person can get warts through direct contact with the virus or objects that a person with warts has touched.

When a person gets warts, the growths can also spread to other body parts. Doctors can suggest various effective treatments to remove foot warts.


This is a bony bump located at the big toe’s base. Bunions are frequently painful. It’s estimated that over 28% of Australian adults have bunions, which makes it a relatively common foot issue.

People can experience bunions when their big toe bends a little toward the other toes. As time passes, that big toe’s base pushes against another bone that’s right behind it.

Bunions form at a toe’s joint. Normally the toe bends when a person walks. However, if they have a bunion, the body weight rests on the bunion every time they step. This can make walking painful. In addition, a callus can form as growth rubs against the shoe.


This is a group of organisms whose cells have a nucleus. There are other kinds of organisms, including:

  • Plants
  • Mushrooms
  • Animals
  • Yeasts
  • Molds

Fungi are important in the soil for breaking down organic matter. However, it can become a problem if you have fungi on your toes. They look like plants but are closer to animals.

Athlete’s foot is one of the most common types of foot fungus. It usually starts between a patient’s toes and often forms after a person wears shoes. Athlete’s foot symptoms include scaly rashes that can cause feelings like itchiness and burning.

Ingrown Toenail

Studies show it’s common for Australians to experience this condition at least once during their lives. It is crucial to seek treatment immediately since the ingrown toenails can worsen over time.

This condition can happen when you trim toenails too short, and especially on either side of the big toe. If you trim your nails, so it curves with the toe’s shape, the nail might later grow into the toe’s skin. The nail’s sides curl down then dig into the skin.

Wearing footwear that is too short or too tight can also cause ingrown toenails. It is thus important to buy footwear that fits snugly but not overly tight.


This is the most common type of arthritis in Australia and affects over 9% of the population. You can experience this arthritis in various body parts, including the toes.

It results from cartilage breakdown in joints. While this condition is most common in the hands, it can also affect the toes.

If you have foot problems, Podiatry in Sydney can help with bunions, warts, and fungi. Getting treatments as early as possible can prevent the conditions from becoming more serious.

Paul Petersen

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