Popular Types of Facial Cosmetic Surgeries 


Facial cosmetic surgery is a surgery that helps amplify the visual appearance of your facial structures and features. It elevates confidence and promotes self-esteem reason being that one feels more attractive.

Cosmetic surgery is also used during reconstructive procedures to treat conditions that are a result of accidents, skin cancer, burns, and correction of previous surgery. Here are some of the popular types of facial cosmetic surgeries;

Non- Surgical Treatments and Techniques

They include chemical peel that is a treatment that involves a chemical solution that helps in removing facial blemishes, uneven skin tones, clears wrinkles, and controls acne. Injectable fillers are materials that could also reduce facial wrinkles, fold, lines, scars, and help bring back the fullness and volume of the face.

They include Botox, Dysport, and Radiesse. Dermabrasion is a procedure that smoothens the face and treats all the edges with any form of irregularities. Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments are formulated to improve the appearance of your skin and help improve any skin damage and scars.

Surgical Facial Cosmetic Treatments

Facial reconstruction is a surgery to reassemble defects in facial skin that can be a result of prior surgery, disease, injury, and scar revision. The procedure can be used to remove birthmarks and repair any previous facial trauma. It is also used during the correction of the palate, lip, and skull abnormalities.

A brow lift is a surgery that helps clear and improves forehead wrinkles and dangling eyebrows. A facial implant is another procedure that helps define and projects specific structures of the face like the chin, cheeks, and lips. Otoplasty is a surgical reshaping of the outer ear. It is also known as cosmetic ear surgery. It helps change the position, size, and shape of the ear in case of an injury or birth defect.

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that gives a youthful appearance. It targets sagging skin around the face where the skin is pulled in each side of the face, and tissues below the skin surface are surgically adjusted making a face look younger.

Septoplasty is another cosmetic procedure done on the inside and outside of the nose. It involves the restructuring of the cartilage and the bone and improves its appearance and helps the nose function better. It is helpful for people born with deviated septum or in case of an injury to your nose.


Appearance has a tremendous impact on how people perceive one another. Facial plastic surgery helps improve facial impressions that allow you to communicate and interact freely with each other. It is also crucial to have these procedures done by certified and experienced plastic surgeons. It helps due to one having a smoother recovery process. This is the main reason you find most people seeking cosmetic surgery abroad.


Clare Louise

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