Quick check – How do we measure our SEO optimization results?

As an integral part of online marketing, SEO optimization services provide numerous benefits to those interested in gaining a wider audience through Google. Since the dawn of the internet, users have switched to searching and acquiring information on their own, which is one of the main reasons we see top brands today investing in genuine content. Where do SEO services come into place? Ovidiu Joita, an SEO specialist with over 15 years of experience and founder of iAgency, has agreed to share some precious insights on the matter:

“To begin with, a good SEO optimization strategy will strengthen your site’s authority. This, in turn, leads to a growth in visibility, especially for the target users which are interested in your offers, products, services, etc. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you should collaborate with an experienced agency or specialist. In most cases, results are visible once you start collaborating with the true “masters of the trade”.

However, there are numerous marketing experts which, even if they do have the much needed online marketing strategies at hand, cannot devise a clear SEO optimization. Some of them started by creating websites while implementing SEO optimization processes “by the book”, which doesn’t always guarantee results. To achieve success, one must invest in tailored services, such as those provided by expert SEO agencies. A good SEO optimization strategy can generate over 50% of sales volumes on a website. What’s more is that it also generates brand awareness and customer interactivity, paving the way for classic marketing and PR strategies, which can also be successfully integrated at this point. Moreover, SEO optimization costs are still very low, compared to other online marketing strategies, provided you invest continuously.

So, what are the key factors in measuring the success of a well-implemented SEO optimization strategy?

  1. Organic traffic from Google, conversion rate, and income value

First of all, organic traffic is one of the easiest to follow, offering precious insights on customer behavior, conversion rate, and monthly income generated by SEO optimization. Also, it doesn’t take too long to measure this, results appearing in the first 2-3 months, depending on niche and competitors.

  1. Measuring keyword success

Using Google Search console we can easily establish the keywords which brought us most visitors, measure their average positions, click-through rate, and other important indicators.

  1. Visibility in SERPs

When your site reaches the no.1 spot in Google listings, that means it has 100% visibility on that given keyword. This percentage starts to fade as the positions are lower, naturally. However, an SEO optimization specialist’s job is to interpret that data, follow the evolution, and use certain indicators to improve upon, with the ultimate goal being top spots for most keywords of interest.

  1. Online brand awareness

As more and more pages are indexed by Google and appear in the top 50/100 results, your website will start gaining a stronger online presence, which translates to brand awareness. This allows SEO optimization experts to run detailed analyses, which can also include comparisons with others in your field of activity. Of course, you’ll need to invest in an ongoing SEO strategy to get the best and most accurate results.

  1. Domain authority, page authority, and backlinks

Even though these indicators are a bit harder to interpret, Google has a clear view of their real-time value. These metrics can provide us with accurate information regarding site comparisons and measuring SEO optimization efficiency over the course of one year, 6 months, etc.

In conclusion, these are the main indicators that can be used in measuring and interpreting SEO results. While they won’t take your website to the top spot directly, they still offer a valuable parameter insight, which in turn can be tweaked efficiently for achieving the best outcome!

Paul Petersen

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