Reasons Why your HP Printer is Not Recognizing New Ink or Toner Cartridge

Regardless of what printer you’ve got, a printer not recognizing a brand-new ink or toner cartridge is one of the foremost issues that most print owners face. When you replace compatible, remanufactured, generic, or refilled ink cartridges, this will primarily affect your printer, and you will be looking for various means to fix the problem. 

When you’re receiving poor-quality prints, you can buy an OEM cartridge from Need More Ink at a reasonable cost. Avail of their HP ink cartridges free shipping service. They can provide a high-quality cartridge for your HP printer that needs to be replaced if the print quality is poor or the printer doesn’t recognize any other remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges. 

The reason behind Printer Not recognizing Cartridge 

Reset of the internal memory is required

When you mounting a new ink or toner cartridge, your printer will automatically recognize it and reset its memory, making sure that it displays full toner or ink levels, and other things. However, most printers don’t perform this correctly and believe that no recent cartridge is inserted.

Protection strips are not removed

If you don’t remove the plastic strips or protective covers that are attached to a new ink or toner cartridge, the printer will fail to register it causing problems. Remove the cartridge from your printer and ensure all strips, tabs, and plastic covers are removed before reinstalling it.

Dirty or broken Contacts prevent chip data from being read

The new toner or ink cartridge has several metal contacts that connect to some type of metal contacts in the printer, allowing them to communicate. Dirt or any damage to the contacts in the printer will prevent the contacts from joining, and the printer will be unable to read the data on the chip.

The HP Cartridge Protection feature is turned on

If you have an HP printer, an update to ‘enable cartridge protection’ is installed, which prohibits these cartridges from being used in the other printer. Cartridge protection can also prevent compatibles from working in your machine in any way. It’s possible to make some changes here. Contact your nearby printer store and ask them to adjust features so that the compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges are read by the printer. 

An incorrect consumable was inserted into the slot

Placing a color ink or toner cartridge in the incorrect slot or purchasing the wrong cartridge model for your printer is a common mistake. Also, if a fuser, drum, or other items were mistakenly purchased instead of a toner cartridge and installed in the laser printer, the printer will not work and will require a new cartridge.

Remove all the ink or toner cartridges from the printer and check once again if they’re in the right slots. If not, insert them and switch off and switch on the printer to reset the system.

A cartridge has not been properly placed into its slot

There’s also the possibility that a cartridge wasn’t completely inserted into its designated slot, causing the printer to miss the new cartridge and display the error message. All you need to do now is raise your cartridge cover once more and double-check if the inserted cartridges have been clicked in, then close the cover and double-check one more.

This doesn’t mean that consumers can’t buy compatible or remanufactured ink or toner cartridges. You just need to be alert while placing them into the slot. It is wise to get it done by a professional the first time and earn the process properly. 

David Curry

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