Reasons you might need to get braces

The reason why people go for orthodontic treatment and braces varies from one patient to the other. There is an increasing rise in the number of teens who have braces, and the number of adults beginning orthodontic treatment is rising steadily. If you visit Colorado Orthodontics for a checkup, your dentist will be the first person to recommend orthodontic treatment. They will send you or your loved ones for a consultation with an orthodontist if your teeth are embarrassing you or are in a lot of pain, or are affecting your smile.

Braces will straighten your teeth, improve your smile, and fix your biting issues. Here are five reasons why you might need to get braces from an orthodontist.


When you visit a dentist for a checkup and discover that your lower teeth overlap with your top front teeth when you smile, you will have an underbite problem. An orthodontist can correct this problem. This problem usually is risky to a person as it can cause oral injuries when a person is biting food or talking. If you suspect you have this problem, please do not hesitate to visit an orthodontist.

Open bite

Do a quick check and smile in front of a mirror. If you notice you have a gap between your upper and lower teeth, you may be having an open bite. Usually, patients with open bites have problems eating and speaking properly. In addition to that, they typically have embarrassing habits of tongue thrusting. If you have this problem, visit an orthodontist for help. They will correct this kind of problem with an orthodontic treatment, which involves traditional metal braces, Invisalign braces, and ceramic braces.


This problem occurs to people with bottom teeth that occasionally bite into the roof of their mouth or completely disappear when they chew something. This problem needs to be treated because it can lead to gum tissue damages. Additionally, if left untreated, it may damage your front teeth. An orthodontist can treat this problem and improve your smile by fixing your overbite regardless of your age. However, it is worth noting that the treatment is easier for children because their jaws are still growing, and it becomes easy to move them through orthodontic treatment. The earlier you discover this problem, seek early treatment.


This is the most common reason why people seek orthodontic treatment. Your teeth will overlap when there isn’t enough room for them to grow, therefore causing a crowding issue. Fixing the crowded teeth issue can improve the appearance of your smile. When an orthodontist corrects them, it will prevent cavities from happening. You will develop dental plaque if you have crowded teeth, which may become difficult to brush a particular area where they will hide. Once this problem is corrected, plaque won’t hide as you will have straight teeth that are easy to brush


This problem occurs to people who have irregularly spaced teeth, thereby creating wide gaps when they smile. This problem is due to one having some teeth that are proportionally smaller compared to the others. An orthodontic can correct this problem with cosmetic solutions to close the gaps to safeguard a patient’s oral health.

If you have any of the above problems, visit a local orthodontist for help and get your smiling confidence back.

Paul Petersen

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