Sell your pictures online with qrush! It’s the perfect fan app!

sell your pictures online

If you want to sell your pictures online, becoming an influencer might be your best bet today. Whether you are a fitness trainer, a gamer, an online model, a chef or you just sit on a lot of useful information on fashion or society, becoming an online content creator will require some hard work and a smart choice of your tools. On this matter, you should be aware that fan apps are now trending, as more and more influencers use them to get paid for social media posts, pictures, videos, and other content.

Most of the fan apps available today have evolved from social media platforms, being just another social app with a payment system attached. That’s why neither fans nor content creators are totally happy with these platforms, as they need to take into account a lot of rules and limits created by the platform. You don’t have to worry about all that. Now you have a fan app without restrictions at your fingertips:! No matter the type of content you create, if you want to sell your pictures online, this will be the perfect app. It was designed to connect influencers and fans from all fields of activity and interests.

This trending new fan app offers you the possibility of having two profile pages: a free one for everyone that is interested in seeing your basic content and a private one (accessed via a subscription you choose) on which you can connect to your fans and offer them quality content.

How to grow your fanbase on qrush

sell your pictures online

If you want to reach hight earnings online as a content creator, you first need to have a decent number of followers and you need to focus on growing your fanbase. Because it’s a subscription-based platform, each follower counts. The first thing you need to do is use your free profile page to attract fans and admirers, motivating them to subscribe to your private content. That being said, the popularity of your free page will not grow without your continuous effort. You have to work to build a strong image on social media, thus developing a complete system that helps you sell your pictures online.

That being said, all your social media posts and all your online activity should have a link that sends to your qrush profile page. The app makes it easy, creating a vanity URL for every content creator profile. If you don’t know what that is, check out this one: Averilellis.

You don’t need to set a high subscription price, but you will have to find the perfect pricepoint that not only attract more followers, but helps your earnings grow. The best thing you can do is attract more and more subscribers with your social media posts. Whether you’ve created a fanbase on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, you can direct your admirers to your fan app profile. This way, you’ll have the chance of earning money from every person that follows your online activity.

If you are already offering the content you create on an online platform, you need to set up a strategy that connects the two accounts. The stuff you share on one platform must include references to your profile and content available on the other platform. This way, you will have two income sources. Plus, the different tools and options available on each platform will help you stay in touch with your followers and create that special bond, earning their fidelity. The only thing you need is time and the creativity involved in keeping the content fresh and interesting.

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