Setting Your Child up For Dental Success

It is not uncommon for children to develop fears of the dentist; however, this is a critical relationship in their life. As you look to create a positive relationship between your child and the dentist, consider these strategies to aid you in the process so that your little one is excited to see their buddy, the dentist.

Create a Good Relationship

It is important to establish a good rapport and relationship with a family dentistry Highland Park IL. This person can be a friendly face who can treat everyone in the family. Creating a good relationship with a dentist involves trust, communication and a friendly rapport, so make sure to find someone who can offer all of that to your child.

Teach Them Good Skills

Teaching your child good oral hygiene and cleaning skills can help them prevent cavities so that dentist appointments are less likely to result in managing damage and more about preventative care. Take the time to implement a daily routine to ensure that they learn proper practices to make this become second nature.

Ease Their Fears

If you find that your little one starts to develop fears, consider ways to answer their questions and address their dental and dentist fears. Be honest with them and have them talk with the dentist about their concerns, and this will teach your child advocacy and that dentists are just people who is there to help and not someone to fear.

Praise and Rewards

It is important to offer positive reinforcement to their trips to the dentist. You will want to reward the behavior without making a huge deal of it, as this could signal that this is something terrible that must be endured. Stray away from food-related rewards and instead consider a book, toy or sticker system.

Creating a positive relationship with the dentist as a child can help combat that fear later down the line and encourage proper oral hygiene. Make sure that you set up your child with success by instituting healthy practices that they can continue and enjoy as they grow.

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