Should You Undergo Gallbladder Surgery? Know What It is

From the day our mother noticed our existence, she made extra measures and efforts to take good care of our health. Her way of caring did not end even until we were born. She continues taking care of us even up till now that we have grown old and become an adult of our own. That is why watching our health became a part of our daily routine. However, no matter how wary we become, things could still go wrong. The busier we get at work, the more stress we become, and that alone could cause us to neglect our health. As we further overlook our health, the more we need to undergo surgeries to get well.  Well, in your case, your gallstones cause you pain, and you might need to undergo gallbladder surgery in Singapore

Let us find out what it is and if you need one.

What is a gallbladder?

Your gallbladder is a small organ. It has a shape of pear on the right-middle side of your abdomen and little beneath your liver. Even though it is small in size, many organs depend on it, mainly your stomach.


What does it do in the body?

What gallbladder does has something to do with your stomach. It holds digestive fluid known as bile before releasing it into your small intestine. That bile helps your stomach to break down the food you eat each meal. While doing so, it filters out small, hard deposits that form as gallstones

Although gallstones do not usually cause problems, it could still happen if it no longer works well. If it did, doctors might suggest you undergogallbladder surgery. 

What causes the gallbladder to develop issues?

Besides having so much cholesterol in your body, you are most likely to get gallstones if you have any of the following. 

  • A female
  • Have had offspring
  • Overweight
  • 35 years old and above

Other than these four, you can also get gallstones if other members of your family had them. So, make sure to check your family history with your primary care doctor. 

What are the signs of gallbladder problems?

  • Experiencing sharp pain around your abdomen,
  • When you feel nauseous or you are about to vomit.
  • Unable to digest food properly or indigestion.
  • You have a fever.
  • Your eyes and skin look yellowish. (This sign only happens when your gallstones already block your bile duct.)

How do doctors diagnose such illness?

Besides getting an ultrasound, your doctor might order you to get a colorectal cancer screening in Singapore to verify there are no other problems aside from your gallbladder. 

If nothing shows, but your gallstones cause you so much pain, they will ask you to get a CT and HIDA scan.  These two are more advanced than ultrasound since it uses computer tomography technologies. As a result, you can see whether your bile duct is working well or not. 

How do doctors treat gallbladder issues?

Removing the gallbladder out is usually the option to treat it, but doctors would not suggest this matter right away. They would only do it if changing your diet did not work, and your gallstones were unable to melt away. This option usually does not work well, but doing so is still worth it rather than proceeding with surgery right away. 

What are the benefits of laparoscopic gallbladder removal?

Laparoscopic technique makes any surgery a lot easier. If your doctor combines this method to your gallbladder surgery in Singapore, you can expect to gain these advantages. 

  • You will have less than an inch long, but several incision cuts around your abdomen.  
  • Less painful and quicker procedure.
  • You can undergo one as an outpatient. Therefore, you can go home within the day of the surgery. 

Why should you undergo gallbladder surgery?

If you have the following, then getting this surgery is not an available option for you.

  • You are experiencing severe gallbladder issues.
  • You underwent abdomen surgery before.

Nevertheless, be sure to ask your primary care doctor and discuss with a surgeon whether you are eligible enough to undergo this procedure. If they do say so, consult your healthcare insurance and ask if they cover this type of surgery under your health card. 

What preparation should you do for gallbladder surgery?

If your doctors allow you to undergo one, you need to get a full physical examination. This process is necessary to find out if you are healthy enough to take the surgery. If you receive a positive result, that is good. Here are other preparations you need to do as well. 

  • You would need to fast the night before the procedure.
  • You would also need to take a shower or the same morning of your appointment. 
  • If you are also getting pile treatment in Singapore, your doctor might stop you from taking them for a while. Well, at least until you get well from the surgery.
  • Let any of your family members or friends know and accompany you on the date of your surgery.
  • Bring some spare clothes with you before going to the clinic. 
  • In the morning, your doctor may allow you to take your medication, but be sure to sip a small amount of water. 

Do you have more questions about gallbladder surgery in Singapore?

If yes and it is related to your condition, let Dr QM Leong examine you. That way, they could diagnose your health and determine if your gallstones cause you pain that needs surgery in Singaporeright away. So, what don’t you give them a call at 62561737​ and schedule an appointment when you are free. Or if you want, visit their website today and find out where their clinic is. 

Did you find this helpful? If yes, then share it with your loved ones. That way, they could get a health check-up and prevent themselves from undergoinggallbladder surgery in Singapore.

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