Signs that you are one with your higher self

The higher self is the higher mind part of ourselves in blissful super-conscious which is the expression of spiritual wisdom, Divine love, and creative power. During this awakening, the personal consciousness grows to a higher level, raising the energy vibrations. One feels energies, psychic enlightenment, intuitions, and even has purification spiritually to feel more of their higher self in life. One attains spiritual realization and a conscious experience of uniting with the source of life and all universal creation. Some signs indicate an indication of one developing higher senses.

  • Knowledge of Soul’s purpose

When your higher senses are triggered then you realize your soul’s purpose. You realize your mission on earth and you take corrective action to fulfill your mission and tread on the defined path. You fulfill the basic needs of self-growth and your valued contributions by walking on the path of self-actualization and devoting your energy to the service of mankind.

  • Higher perception

When you develop higher senses you can access wisdom and information that is not possible to access with a rational mind. Sometimes you sense out-of-body experience and have lucid dreaming which is harmonious accessing higher dimensional knowledge and information.

  • Connecting your soul family

You connect with people having the same frequency and souls resonating at the same level. Even if the persons are living in different parts of the world, the spiritual bonding between the two of you is very strong, and even if you have met after years the feeling is that you have met recently with the least time gap.

  • Meeting your soul mate

You meet a person and soon bond with him. He enhances your traits and best qualities and also mirrors back to you on the shortcomings which you need to work on for self-growth.

  • Faster manifestations and Synchronicities

You get answers to your query through hidden messages and synchronicities which are revealed to you by your power of higher senses. You get indications and answers in nature, random conversations, and books. You get a feeling about your powerful intentions.

  • Shoulder full responsibility for your happiness

As you embody a higher self you start realizing your power and can co-create reality by your own emotions and thoughts. Instead of labeling government, other people, or any other sources, you own responsibility for your happiness. You take charge of healing yourself and move on the path of the evolutionary process.

  • Embrace all emotions

You start embracing all emotions instead of segregating some as bad. 

  • Sense of interconnectedness

You realize that we all live in a multidimensional matrix and all are interconnected. 

  • Activate your DNA

You activate more dormant strands of your DNA that embody your higher self. DNA activation allows your 12 dimensions of consciousness to the higher senses. 

  • Healing powers

You learn to direct your energy and intent in removing energetic blockages. You can connect easily with your higher self and be able to discard discordant energies.

  • Self- love

DNA activation allows you to reach the state of embodying unconditional self-love. You do not need any love from outside instead you are a source of bountiful love.

  • Harmonious attachments

You develop a way to have a harmonious relationship with your family through different mutual approaches and connections.



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