Signs That You Need to Install a Water Filter and Big Berkey Water Filter is an Excellent Choice

You might not see the need to have a water filter at home if you have potable drinking water. You can drink from your faucet and not worry about health risks. You’re lucky if you can do so with ease. However, there are signs that you might need to install a water filter such as the Big Berkey water filter. These are the signs to consider.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, check out the USA Berkey website today!

You start to smell a bad odor

Clean drinking water doesn’t have a bad or strong smell. In fact, water is bland and doesn’t have a strong taste. If you notice any issue with the smell alone, it’s a sign of a bigger problem. You need to invest in a water filter to deal with this problem. You can start by asking for help from an expert to evaluate what’s wrong with your water source. For instance, if the water smells like a rotten egg, it could be due to the high level of hydrogen sulfide gas. While it’s not necessarily going to threaten your health, it’s still best not to have it in your drinking water. It could affect your quality of life in the long run. There could also be a dead animal or other dirty items stuck in your water source that caused the terrible smell. You have to install a water filter soon before your health is at risk.

Your water has terrible taste

Again, water is usually bland and shouldn’t taste like anything familiar. If you start to taste something metallic or off-putting, there’s a problem. You need a specialist to analyze your tap water and determine what caused such taste. Apart from endangering your health, you also wouldn’t want to drink water with a horrible taste. You might not meet your required amount of water as a result of this issue. Installing a water filter clears the problem right away.

You observe a cloud-like formation in your water

Clean drinking water should be clear and free from contaminants. If you begin to notice that your water is cloudy, it’s a sign that something contaminated the water source. It’s not necessarily a huge problem, but it could still impact the water quality. It can be solved with the help of a water filter. Your drinking water will be clear again after filtering it.

Your water causes stains

You use water to remove stains. If it does the other way, it’s a problem. You might notice it in your clothes when you wash them or in your utensils while washing the dishes. It could take a while though before you notice these stains. You need to be observant and see if you can clean your clothes thoroughly with the tap water you use at home. These stains might be due to other reasons, and you don’t want to confuse them with the safety of your tap water. Asking an expert to come over and check the problem could help.

You notice an oily film 

Again, clean drinking water is clear. You could even see the bottom portion of the glass if you look straight into it. If you begin to notice an oily film, it means that your water source has been contaminated. The oil might also come from the leaks in the pipes. The best way to avoid being contaminated is by using a water filter. Clearing the oil inside the water tank could take time, but you can stop it from flowing out of your faucet with a water filter.

You end up with stomach issues

Digestive problems could be due to several reasons. Water contamination is one of them. To be certain about it, you need to get tested. If the tests reveal that you have bacteria caused by water contamination, you need to use a water filter. It clears everything out, including the pathogens present in the water source. Most stomach issues could be treated with medications, but they could have a lasting effect on your health especially with repeated contamination. If you can install a water filter, you won’t run the risk of suffering from digestive issues anymore.

You still use well water

Back then, the use of wells was quite common. People rely on wells to provide them with their needs. The problem is that over the years, wells have become contaminated. It’s due to the widespread use of pesticides and other chemicals. If the well is the only available water source in your area, you can continue using it. However, you need to rely on a water filter to prevent contamination. If you can request for help from the local government to aid in this regard, it could drastically improve your water quality.

Investing in water filters is cost-efficient

Sure, water filters are quite pricey and you might not decide to have one right away. However, you need to understand all these benefits. After installing a water filter, you can guarantee that the contaminants will no longer affect your health. If you become ill as a result of waterborne diseases, you will spend more on hospital bills. Therefore, the presence of water filters at home is worth the price.

You can start by observing the quality of water at home. Check the appearance and taste. Observe the changes and identify potential issues that could lead to health problems. Ask a specialist to come over and diagnose the problem. You need to confirm the reason why you face such issues. The results of some tests will verify the causes and you will be able to act accordingly. You should also listen to the announcements from the government regarding your water sources. If a private supplier gives water in your house, you can ask if there are contaminants you should fear.

Clean drinking water is essential and everyone deserves to have one. Many people still don’t have access to clean water, but a water filter is easily accessible.

Paul Petersen

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