The Essence of Drinking Clean Water for Kids

Water is indeed essential to human lives. Each one of us, especially the children, need to drink sufficient water every day to surpass the daily responsibility of living. Did you know that we can survive more than a week without food? However, water is hugely different.

Water is vital because without water for only a few days, it can cause a significant breakdown of your internal organs and, worse, immediate death because of too much dehydration.To learn more about water filtration, visit USA Berkey to learn more.

A child’s body provides more water compared to adults? According to research, 75 percent of a child’s total body weight is made up of water. At the same time, for adults, it only has 60 percent of total body weight.

Young children lose water in their bodies daily through sweat and urine. If your child is active in sports, it will lose more water, so keeping them rehydrated is a must.

Water Intake Recommendation

Below are some water recommended intake for and check how much water they need to function their vital organs regularly.

  • Since children’s’ body is made of 75 percent of water, they need at least 5 to 8 glasses of water in one day
  • For adults, they secrete more sweats compared to kids; they need to drink 11 to 15 cups of water for one day

Since all of these are only recommendations, there is no standard amount of water intake per day. It depends on a particular person on how actively they are working, how much they weigh, and so on.

3 Reasons Why Clean Water is Essential for Kids

  1. Water can Reduce Significantly the Fatigue Level of the Kids and Keep Their Mind Sharp

Water is essential because it provides the energy that our body needs. When kids engage in any kind of extreme activity, they quickly get tired and thirsty. It is because the water discharges into their body using sweating. We need to replenish the water loss in the system to keep their mind and body sharp at all times.

Kids need water because:

  • It improves the mental awareness of the kids.
  • It provides oxygen into our brain, keeping it alive and function in reasonable condition
  • It supplies electrical energy for the kid’s brain which is essential for thinking
  • It unites the kid’s mind and body to work together. Making them quickly achieve any desire goals in life

Expert Tips

Provide bottled water with your kids when going to school. This process will keep them motivated and hydrated to drink water every hour.

  1. Water can Keep the Skin Fresh and Clean

When your kids finally reach adolescence, they will become more concerned about their skin. Of course, having healthy, acne-free skin will merely boost their confidence towards other people. To maintain a fresh and youthful look, all you have to do is to eat healthy foods and drink water regularly.

Water delivers many benefits to human skin. Some of these are:

  • It flushes out harmful bacteria and germs inside our body
  • It merely hydrates our skin, making them smoother and moisturize
  • It reduces the signs of aging

Expert Tips:

Motivate the kids to drink lots of water every day. Since kids are intact to technologies today, one way you can do is to integrate water through mobile applications. Install mobile apps that are related to drinking water activity. Set an alarm that will remind the kids to drink one glass of water every hour. This action will keep them hydrated.

  1. Water can Maintain the Normal Body Weight of the Kids

Overweight and obesity are some of the significant problems of kids in the United States. It is because kids are always loaded with sweetened, junk, and fast foods, which are the number one cause of obesity. One way to fight overweight problems is to drink lots of water.

Water provides zero calories. Even if you drink 1 liter of water rapidly, it will quickly flush out together with toxins into your body through urine and sweating.

Another vital role of water to maintain our kid’s average weight includes:

  • Water can boost your metabolism, which plays a crucial role in the human body. Metabolism absorbs all the nutrients and can help you to break down the foods you intake quickly.
  • Drinking enough water will maintain your body hydrated and keeps you away from getting constipated or diarrhea.
  • Water can reduce the sugar level of your body. This process will help you to prevent diabetes.

Expert Tips:

Drinking clean water is very good for your health. Not only it promotes wellness, but also it will help you to save lots of money. Keeping you away from major health problems like diabetes, hypertension, and heart attack. So, if you want to drink any beverage, make the water your perfect choice for your family.


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