The Health Effects of CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD comes in many forms such as oils, creams, and tablets.  The dosage will depend on the form being used and the purpose.

CBD is the active ingredient that can be found in cannabis. While products that contain cannabidiol can provide good health benefits, there are also be risks.

CBD is an important component in medical marijuana and is from the hemp plant, a cousin of marijuana.

Is CBD legal?

You can get CBD in most parts in the United States and all 50 states have laws legalizing the use of cannabidiol with some usage restrictions. Even though the government treats CBD as marijuana, they are not totally against it. The FDA loosened the regulatory requirements back in December 2015 so that there can be trials conducted on CBD.

Does CBD have health benefits?

The use of CBD is controversial because of the recreational use of marijuana. However, more people are becoming aware of the possible health effects of the use of CBD. Listed below are some of the health benefits.


It has been said before that CBD can be a possible treatment for epilepsy. While research is still ongoing, it is still being determined how much CBD is needed to lower seizures in people who are suffering from epilepsy.

Anxiety Management

Cannabidiol is said to help with the management of anxiety. According to some researchers, it can change the way the brain’s receptors react to serotonin, the chemical responsible for mental health. Other CBD studies done on animals help relieve anxiety by reducing stress, improving PTSD symptoms, inducing sleep, and decreasing the reactions to stress such as increased heart rate.


CBD can also affect the immune system by reducing inflammation in the body. It is said that CBD can help the overactivity of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum that can lead to acne.

Pain relief

CBD can also help in managing pain especially those who are undergoing chemotherapy.  It is also being studied that cannabis may also provide pain relief to those who are suffering from chronic pain.

Cancer treatment

Studies are being conducted to see if CBD can prevent cancer cell growth. The research is still in the early stages and there is nothing definite yet. According to the National Cancer Institute, CBD may be able to relieve cancer symptoms and reduce the side effects of several cancer treatments.

CBD side effects

There are possible side effects when using CBD so be mindful of these when you are using. These are depression, dizziness, low blood pressure, irritability, insomnia, and hallucinations.

More studies on the effects on humans have to be done so that the side effects can be understood more. Since this is a regulated substance, cannabidiol studies are not so common. When the use of marijuana products are legalized some more, more research can also be done.

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