The Journey Of Netflix VPN From 1997 To 2019


It is in 2007 when Netflix came out with its live streaming service. It is this innovation that resulted the demise of video rental business. This changed the concept of TV viewing, what people want to watch and how they watch. Things are constantly changing in this circuit. According to the Total Audience Report of Nielsen of the first quarter of 2019, the Netflix consumers connect to their television sets less than before, replacing it with their smartphones as compared to the same period of the previous year. They turn more to different apps and several other web-based streaming like Netflix VPN using their smartphones and tablets. 

The time spent  

On an average, it is found in the same report that adults spent three hours and 53 minutes viewing live TV. On the other hand, they spend three hours on their smartphones and about 50 minutes on their tablet viewing different programs on the media. Live television viewing figure on the other hand is about four and a half hours. Few people also spend about an hour on other devices that can be connected to their TVs such as the game consoles. Comparing the same period in 2018, different viewers spent four hours and 46 minutes on an average watching live TV in comparison to 46 minutes on different TV-connected devices.

The promising statistics

According to the Statista reports, VPN para Netflix is preferred by almost 74% of Americans. In 2019, the report says that they used subscription video on demand services and this figure was 64% in 2017. The report also said that Netflix is the number one service in the country for subscription-based streaming service. on the other hand, Forbes reported that nearly 182.5 million Americans will view content by using streaming services. This is about 55% of the population. 


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