The Perfect gift for the Perfect Time

Christmas is without a doubt the quintessential time for gifts. Between Santa Claus, the Magi, invisible friends and the details you make to relatives or friends that you have not seen for some time, the last weeks of the year and the first of the following group together the highest percentage of purchase and delivery of gifts of the year.

Thinking of you, here are some practical tips to help you with your Christmas shopping.

Advance your purchases

As it is approaching Christmas, the prices of some products go up and what is worse in the event that you happen to be discovering for a precise gift, some products (usually the most innovative and demanded) begin to run out and it is difficult to find them.

That is why the recommendation is that as far as possible, advance your purchases, since on the one hand you save the aforementioned inconveniences, and on the other hand the burdens and hurries because the holidays are approaching and you still do not have the gifts purchased.

Although yes, in some cases you should take into account our second advice:

Watch the dates of possible returns

If you buy gifts in advance, you can find that when you open it you find that the gift is not correct or has any damage and you want to return it, but you have already passed the date. That is the reason it happens to be vital looking at these dates.

From December 7 you can buy without problems in the shops that offer you up to a month to return the product the gifts for Kings and from November 26 those of Santa Claus, since if you had to return it, you would still be in date.

In case they offer you 15 days, you could buy the gifts for Christmas from December 11 or for Kings from December 22.

When shopping online, monitor delivery times

Although many of the online stores have quite tight delivery times and you usually have the product at home between 1 and 5 days, some products ship them from China or third countries, and the delivery times range from 15 days to more than one month, so look at the delivery date indicated. You can easily gift americanexpress com mygiftcard, from their official website and present that also. Perfect gift, with perfect timing.

In case it is going to arrive just for the date you need the product, assess if it is worth the risk to buy from that seller and that it does not arrive on time, or you prefer to buy the product in other sites and that they guarantee you a date of Nearest delivery, even if it costs you a little more.

Compare prices

Do it so much if you are buying online as if you are doing it in a physical store. From the mobile you can even if you are not at home to see if the price you are seeing in a physical store is correct or is more bloated compared to other stores (keep in mind if you see it in an online store to add shipping costs if you have them).


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