The Potential Health Benefits Of Womb And Fertility Massage

When your back aches like a 90-year-old grandma and your neck and shoulders feel stiff, where would you go? Most of us ask our parents or partners to pull out aromatic eucalyptus oil or liniment, apply a generous amount on our back and shoulders, and knead the tender muscles. A good massage after an exhausting day is all we need to relieve pain. It may be why several massages, such as craniosacral massage and lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore, were invented– to alleviate different kinds of health ailments and pain.

The origins of massage therapy are not new. It was rooted in history thousands of years ago. Ayurveda, meaning “the science of life” in Sanskrit, is a sacred holistic medicinal system used by Hindus in India in 3000 BCE. Ayurveda uses massage therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, colour therapy, touch therapy, and herbalism to reestablish health balance and harmony.

Records from ancient China (2,700 BCE) have shown that hand techniques and manual manipulations have been already used in the Chinese medicinal traditions, along with acupuncture and acupressure.

Today, massages have played a role as supplemental treatment in modern medicine.

They also evolved in different forms with different purposes and functions, such as Swedish massage, sports massage, womb massage, and lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore.

This article will specifically discuss the potential benefits of womb and fertility massage.

How Can Womb And Fertility Massage In Singapore Help With Infertility

Some women experience infertility. Some trust advanced medicine, while others still believe in natural ways to conceive, and of these ways is the womb massage.

Similar to natural breast enhancement treatment in Singapore, womb massage uses hand techniques and manual manipulation to increase the chance of fertility in women.

Here’s how womb massage can help with fertility:

1. It restores the female’s reproductive organs’ placements.

Many believe that when a woman’s womb is not in the correct position, possibly slightly misaligned and askew, it will have adverse effects on reproductive health and eventually fertility.

Womb massagehelps restore the positioning of the womb and other reproductive and abdominal organs. This massage uses hand techniques and manual manipulations to direct the displaced organs to their original and appropriate positions.

The chances of fertilisation are high if the positioning of the uterus is optimised.

2. It improves blood circulation and flushes out toxins.

The primary function of the blood is to deliver antibodies, oxygen supply, and nutrients to the organs, muscles, and tissues.

Like breast firming massage in Singapore, womb massage helps improve the blood circulation in the lower body, especially in the pelvis area, by realigning the displaced organs and releasing congestions, which might have been hindering blood flow in the area.

On the other hand, the lymphatic system’s function is to collect excess fluid and cellular wastes from the bloodstream, hence the moniker “sewage system of the body.”

These fluids are deemed as toxins in the body. Lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels are also found near the pelvis. It collects the waste from the digestive, urinary, and reproductive organs.

Realigning displaced digestive, urinary, and reproductive organs releases congestion and removes obstruction on the lymphatic vessels. Therefore, flushing out toxins is more efficient.

Patients can also get a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore.

3. It improves organ functions.

Optimising the positioning of the organs and improving the blood circulation through womb massage result in better functioning organs.

Restricted organs due to congestions and physical obstructions limit their ability to perform their functions. For example, if the digestive tract is restricted, the person may experience constipation and slow digestion.

On the other hand, pelvic congestion causes pelvic pain and puts pressure on the ovaries, which could affect fertility.

Therefore correcting their placements help the organs to function better and more efficiently.

An impressive blood circulation means the organs receive adequate nutrients and oxygen supply, essential in performing their primary functions. An efficient reproductive system means a higher chance of pregnancy.

4. It balances your hormones.


It is common knowledge that hormones play an important role in conception. In women, high amounts of oestrogen or oestrogen dominance cause hormonal imbalance. It could significantly affect reproductive functions.

The liver helps regulate oestrogen levels by collecting excess hormones. Womb massageimproves the function of the liver.

Massage therapy also encourages the body to produce oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates uterine contractions and lactation during childbirth and after. It also plays a role in the sexual activity of the woman. Natural breast enhancement in Singapore may also trigger this hormone.

5. It encourages a regular menstrual cycle.

Another benefit of womb massageis a regular menstrual cycle. The premenstrual syndrome (PMS) eases when the reproductive organs are aligned, and the congestion is removed. Women are less likely to experience dysmenorrhea or extreme period pain.

Furthermore, better positioning of organs promotes more regular period cycles because of the improved blood flow in the uterus. The massage helps the uterus to flush out stagnant blood during menstruation.

6. It alleviates stress.

Many have linked stress to the aggravation of many illnesses. Stress also affects the fertility rate in many ways.

Firstly, a stressed woman is not in the mood to have sex with their partner. It is a no-brainer: fewer sexual intercourse means less chance of getting pregnant.

Alleviating stress helps boost the libido of the woman, setting her always in the mood for making love.

Secondly, stress can also set your hormones fluctuating. As mentioned earlier, fluctuating hormones can affect the fertility rates in men and women.

Womb massageand other kinds of massage can help people relax and eventually reduce stress levels. Not only does it boost the chances of conception, but it also makes your other health conditions less severe.

A few reminders…

More studies and research are still needed to prove the effectiveness and validate the potential benefits ofwomb massage in a woman’s fertility rate.

Nevertheless, trying out womb massage, lymphatic drainage massage,breast firming massage in Singapore, and other natural ways to improve well-being is not harmful. After all, advanced treatments and products, as simple as deep cleanse facial, have side effects.

It is your call whether or not to try a womb massage.

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