The Top 5 Advantages of Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Marijuana has been grown in gardens and even cultivated on farms for centuries with proven evidence of its use as medicine in many countries. Feminized cannabis seeds are simply the seeds that grow only the female plants with the exclusion of the male and the hermaphroditic ones. Feminized seeds are usually bred to remove the male chromosomes to guarantee better plant outcome. Read on to know the benefits of feminized marijuana seeds. 

Feminized Seeds are a Guarantee

With feminized Marijuana seeds, the grower has a guarantee that no plants will be male or even hermaphroditic. Extreme stress may affect your harvest, for example unreliable lighting coupled with over pruning and bad nutrients. However, by using feminized seeds, you are assured of increased yields, less crop loss, higher seed value, and save on your work. Growers with plant restrictions or limited space must use feminized to get higher yields. 

Increased Yield per Acre

When you plant feminized cannabis seeds, you will be optimizing your growing space. The more female plants you have, the more profit you can get. If you just plant all female plants from the beginning, you can rest assured that you will get more yield per acre. The more female seeds you pack in your garden, the netter the yield and the lower your risk. 

No Need to Sex Your Plants

Most beginner growers tend to panic and become anxious at the idea of male plants in their grow room. The thought of having a pollinated crop is enough to halt all your dreams of a bumper harvest. Furthermore, waiting patiently for you to identify preflowers at the transition stage window is definitely a difficult and time-consuming task. You can eliminate all these concerns and relax while growing your cannabis seeds by planting feminized seeds. You can run your cannabis garden with very little maintenance when there is no threat of an unnoticed male.

Maximizes Use of Resources

Growing feminized seeds makes the best use of your resources. Since it is difficult to determine the sex of a cannabis plant right away, you will end up wasting your time, fertilizer, and water on a plant that you will never use. You will also spend manpower and effort sexing the seeds and eliminating male plants that may pollinate and ruin the purity of your female plants if left to maturity. 

Creates Less Work

Marijuana seeds are just 50/50 male and female. This means that when you plants your seeds, the odds of getting male plants are even and your mature plants are likely to be half male. However, the male plants are only for pollinating and this makes them useless to your harvest. Therefore, by planting your male plants along with the female ones, you will just waste your time, space, and money. 

Better Genetics

Most strains of feminized seeds for sale have their genetics controlled by the breeder to bring out the essential characteristics of each strain. This enables consumers to have more options with regards to aromas, flavors, and cannabinoids. In addition, it opens up the plants potential by boosting its genetic diversity. With feminized seeds, you are assured of plants that are more productive, powerful, aromatic, and attractive. 

As you can see, there are many benefits of planting feminized cannabis seeds. With feminized seeds, you can be confident that the plants you are growing will fair well in the conditions you have set for them. Some strains tend to fair better in different environments and you can easily find this information on the preview of your seeds. Be sure to also check information regarding the flowering times, yield, and size so that you can incorporate them into your expectations and budget. 


Clare Louise

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