Three Steps to Reopening Safely

As the country slowly reopens, making your customers and employees feel safe is key to helping your company return to business as normal. To ensure your opening goes smoothly and your business can remain open, you need to create a sanitation plan for your company that includes a pre-opening clean, guidelines for customers, and a means to maintain cleanliness.

Do a Deep Clean 

When you are preparing to reopen, you first want to make sure your store is thoroughly cleaned. To help you choose which service, or product, to use take the time to see if they provide both surface and air cleaning. With services like WOW Total Cleaning, you can keep your mind at ease knowing that your employees and customers are safe. Whoever you work with, be sure that they are thorough and clean the entirety of the store. After your store is clean, you are ready to move to the second step in reopening.

Set a Standard 

Once you start to reopen your business, you need to create a new standard of how your business will manage its cleaning schedule and how you will care for your customers. Consider whether social distancing standards can be maintained, employees can manage cleanliness and a plan for ongoing monitoring is in place. With these guidelines set, you can comfortably open your business. If you have any further questions or concerns, reference the CDC website to help you determine if you are ready to reopen. Don’t forget to be flexible as the situation continues to develop.

Maintain Cleanliness  

Finally, knowing who is a carrier of Covid-19 and who isn’t is difficult at best. This is why you want to create a plan for cleaning your business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. As you clean, look to keep surfaces that are frequently touched cleaned as regularly as possible, and look for ways to utilize disinfection services Austin. If your store is exposed, be sure to take the time to do a deep clean to prevent further outbreak. Your employees and customers will thank you, knowing you have their safety and health in mind.

While the country prepares to find a new normal, it is important as business owners that you ensure the safety of both your employees and customers. Keep them in mind as you plan your reopening strategy. Your business relies on your ability to reassure customers and employees alike.

Paul Petersen

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