Traditional Irish gifts to consider buying for your loved ones

Ireland is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and it’s rich in culture and history. If you know someone who has Irish blood in them, you’re attending an Irish wedding or you’re simply looking for a different kind of gift this year, check out these traditional Irish gift ideas…

Irish clothing


Apparel might not be the first thing you think about when you’re talking about Ireland, but the country is home to some stunning traditional knitwear such as sweaters and cardigans which make perfect gifts. Manufactured using their Aran technique, an age-old stitch pattern, and made from high-quality yarns, wool, and cashmere, it’s hard to go wrong with a gift like this.


Gourmet foods


Whether you’re visiting Ireland yourself or you’re buying a gift for a family with Irish heritage, one original idea is a hamper, packed with delicious Irish food and drink. You can really spoil the loved one in your life by finding their favorite Irish prosecco, wine, chips, seeds, cookies, jellies, and teabags, and putting them all together in one beautifully-presented hamper box.


Celtic jewelry


The very first piece of Celtic jewelry was the Tara brooch, dating all the way back to the eighth century. Today, that’s displayed at the National Museum of Ireland. If you’re looking for a more modern piece of jewelry that pays tribute to the age-old craft, consider some classic Celtic cross jewelry, a Claddagh ring, or even some modern Irish Tree of Life jewelry.



If you’ve got a drinker in your family, then an Irish crystal decanter is a beautiful gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, and other celebrations. Featuring eye-catching cuts and a traditional, timeless design, glassware makes for a memorable gift for virtually any occasion, particularly when it has been flown in from the Emerald Isles, giving presents an extra touch of magic.




If you’re looking to keep it traditional, then an Irish horseshoe is a great gift idea for a loved one. They can hang it in their garden, greenhouse or home, and expect good luck to come to them as a result. Horseshoes are commonly given as wedding gifts and hung above the door of the reception or home of the happy couple to give their nuptials that extra good luck.

Personalized family crest


Finally, consider gifting a personalized framed family crest so that your loved ones can show off their Irish heritage in style. Available online and from specialist retailers in Ireland, these beautifully-crafted crests tell the story and tradition of a surname, with a gorgeous Irish crest and history. Such gifts can be handed out to the whole family and displayed for generations to come – some even get their family crest sprayed onto cars and tattooed on their bodies.

There you have it – some great gift ideas for the Irish in your life. Whatever you end up with, we hope that you have found this gift guide useful, and we wish your loved ones the best.


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