Traveling to Alcohol and drug rehab new york or Florida; What Should You Bring?

The most crucial thing to bring along to Drug rehab New York is the genuine desire to change and make the process of recovery work for you and your needs. Moreover, you might need to bring the items below:

  • Medical Insurance Cards – If you got a medical cover, you should bring a copy of that card at drug rehab, NY, to ensure your treatment facility runs smoothly. The drug rehabilitation will check whether it has the information that is required to prevent you from getting extra charges
  • Government Driver’s License or Passport – When on the road, remember that it is vital to carry identification. Simply carry a valid ID.
  • Properly prescribed medication and is vital and legal –You will need to carry any medications that have been prescribed by a physician that is necessary for a current medical condition. We suggest that you bring at least ten days’ worth of drugs at Drug Rehab in NYC so that you have enough as you switch into drug recovery treatment. 
  • Your phone – You will require to use your cell phone to find your way around as you travel and communicate. Remember that the level of care may determine if you can keep your phone during detox. Having said that, if you must make any phone calls, the staff at Inpatient drug rehab, NYC can access information on your cell phone. It will assist them to with the phone numbers and addresses to your family members, doctors, colleagues, or friends who might wish to be involved in the treatment.
  • Clothing – You will need to bring along casual and comfortable clothing that is weather appropriate for the surrounding area. You will also need to take exercise clothes with you. Ensure that the clothes are treatment appropriate. 
  • Appropriate shoes – Inpatient drug rehab New York treatment programs typically integrate physical activity into treatment programs. By bringing sports shoes, your feet will be comfortable during the recovery journey. 
  • Personal Hygiene Items – These include your hair products such as shampoo and conditioner along with body wash, lotion, deodorant, and sunscreen. The items you bring should not contain alcohol because of the drug rehab New York policies and for the benefit of patients.

If you have relevant questions about what to bring to your Florida or New York state, rehab centers give our staff a call today at United Recovery. 

David Curry

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