Understand How A Rustic Chandelier Can Give Your House A Majestic Look

Choosing designs to style the interior house includes a lot of time and effort. We always prefer to select pleasant designs that can impress anyone who looks at it. Lighting plays a vital role to make your house look luxurious. For a warm, comfortable, and natural look, you must prefer rustic designs.

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How Does Rustic Chandelier Help to Beautify Your Home?

A Rustic chandelier creates magic in your house. It brings a natural look to the house as it focuses on using outdoor decorative items indoors. Rustic is an evergreen look as it never goes out of the trend and people love how it completes the overall look of their house.

Turn your Crystal Chandelier into Rustic:

Using the below-mentioned ideas, you can simply turn your existing crystal chandelier into a rustic one. Let us look at those ideas:

You can paint a fresh black matte color on the metal portion of the chandelier to give it a more unsophisticated look. You can even add some copper paint over the black matte color to create a rustier iron look.

  • Cover the chandelier with twigs and vines:

Another way to transform the chandelier into a rustic one is by covering it with flexible twigs and vines. You need to cover the base of the chandelier to bring out the rustic look.

  • Change the crystals:

You can change the crystals and replace them with polished sea glass, arrowheads, pottery shards, antique coffee cups, etc. This will turn the crystal chandelier into a rustic one.

How to select a perfect chandelier?

You will find various varieties of the chandelier. However, to choose the right and perfect one, you need to consider the below factors before your Purchase:

  • Size:

You must choose a chandelier’s size based on the room size. In case your room is too small, then selecting a large chandelier that dominates your room can be a bad choice. Therefore, consider the size before you purchase.

  • Place and height:

You need to choose the length/height of the chandelier depending on where you are going to place it. If you are placing it where the ceiling is not too high, then you must choose a short chandelier so that it does not touch anyone’s head.

  • Maintenance:

Some chandeliers require high maintenance. For instance, you must clean glass chandeliers with glass cleaners only. Therefore, purchase the one based on how well you could manage them.

Interior that has rustic antiques will give a warm and welcoming look. You can complement the overall look by adding appropriate lights and colorful materials.

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