Understanding Bunion Problem – Causes & Treatments

Physical health issues run into during the teenage years can influence the growth of the body if not treated. There are few anatomic regions, such as the spine, knee, and ankle, in teens that can obtain orthopaedic issues such as Osgood-Schlatter condition, Slipped Resources Femoral Epiphysis, and even bunions.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bony swelling on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe. It might be an isolated issue. However, it is often associated with various other problems with the form of the foot. A bunion is one of the most common issues faced by lots of people. It is more typical than you can imagine; however, a trip to an orthopaedic clinic in Singapore can provide proper treatment.

The medical term for this problem is known as Hallux Valgus. The issue occurs when a bump begins creating within your large toe. It comes along with severe discomfort as well as swelling. The swelling is caused due to a bone that extends in the direction of your foot. The big toe joint gets bigger, which pressurizes other toes. These forced toes create extreme discomfort, mainly while walking. It can additionally occur to the joint of your little toe, which is called the bunionette. A bunion problem is often treated by opting for local bunion surgery in Singapore with a certified orthopaedic doctor.

Bunion Causes


The most common bunion cause is shoes that do not have adequate width to fit the toes in their natural position. High heels are specifically responsible for squashing the toes into the narrowest part of the front of the footwear.

Bunions are more typical in women than men, and also, a tendency to get them can run in families. They are sometimes associated with arthritis of the joint at the base of the big toe. Yet, many people with bunions have no underlying common problems unless they visit an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore to learn.

One of the common reasons to suffer from this problem is by putting on tight shoes. Cramping your feet in a small set of footwear can create such issues. Bunion additionally emerges because of specific foot injury as well as stress. Females are impacted by this problem primarily because of high-heeled, pointy-toed footwear, which constrains the air, triggering problems to your feet. One of the best forms of prevention is to go to a local orthopaedic clinic in Singapore before the problem could persist. Bunions are likewise formed for a flatfeet individual. Older individuals and many children experience arthritis problems, which is also an excellent factor for bunion development.



One of the most common symptoms of a bunion is a serious pain. The location becomes red and also tender, causing swelling. There is additionally a burning sensation as well as sometimes numbness. You can develop various other troubles like in-growth of toenail and well as sores in between the toes. Suppose these signs do not satisfy your doubt. In that case, you can examine it with your local orthopaedic doctor or visit a nearby orthopaedic clinic in Singapore. You can correct bunions only via surgical treatment. Still, you can use some home remedies to prevent such a problem and get some alleviation from its symptoms.



There are extremely few events where opting for bunion surgery in Singapore is the only choice. The primary alternative to surgical treatment is to adapt your footwear so that they fit conveniently to your feet.

Footwear As An Alternative Treatment


The alternatives rely on exactly how serious the bunion is. Using extra-wide-fitting shoes from a great-quality footwear shop might be enough. Otherwise, a local orthopaedic clinic in Singapore will be certainly capable of offering you suggestions concerning stretching footwear or getting a custom-made pair to fit the shape of your feet comfortably perfectly.

These shoes are not usually exceptionally stylish, yet they avoid all the operational risks and are usually an effective treatment against bunions.

Treating Bunion With Surgery


However, bunions do not improve without surgery. The majority of bunions will get worse with time. Using practical shoes will typically prevent them from getting worse rapidly. For those who are having bunion problems for a longer period, it’s often best to opt for bunion surgery in Singapore if you seek permanent relief. The skin over the bunion can be swollen where it rubs on the inside of the footwear.

Very periodically, it can get contaminated and also likely cause another infection. Aching in the foot is a common problem, but this is due to various other relevant issues with just how the foot works instead of the bunion itself.

A range of anaesthetic strategies is possible. Your anaesthetist will undoubtedly review the alternatives with you and will certainly suggest the best kind of anaesthesia for you to relieve the pain.

There are various procedures for bunions, depending upon the bunion’s size, the amount of deformity of the big toe, other associated troubles with exactly how the foot works, and any arthritis problem. Some orthopaedic clinics in Singapore may even offer alternative treatment apart from the mentioned ones. However, the most effective procedure will certainly involve removing the bunion instead of treating the symptoms.

It may involve various other procedures to reduce and straighten the bones of the big toe and tighten stretched ligaments around the big toe joint. You may also require a procedure to straighten several of the other toes at the same time.

If you decide to opt for bunion surgery in Singapore, an orthopaedic surgeon will discuss how much surgical procedure you will need. At the end of the operation, your surgeon will close the skin with stitches.

Bunions are extremely common. For those unable to adapt their footwear, surgical treatment gives a good chance of making their feet fit comfortably into regular shoes and boosting the cosmetic appearance. It may not be the best answer and solution to a bunion problem, but it is the one that is tried and true and has helped countless people.

The surgical procedure for bunion usually is both effective and safe. Nonetheless, problems can happen. You are required to learn about them to assist you in making a better choice concerning the surgical procedure. Knowing about them will certainly help identify and deal with any problems early.

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