User Onboarding – How It Helps New And Existing Customers

User onboarding is the process of familiarizing the new and existing customers with the apps’ features. This term is mostly used for the applications and software products. Its function is quite similar to that of any user manual that comes with physical products. The designers can speed up the use and familiarization of the applications features when they have a set of pre-designed tools in hand. User onboarding software provides these tools that can improve the UI and make familiarization easier. 

The onboarding software is helpful for the new and existing customers in following ways:

  1. It helps create a user-oriented experience: The existing customer may feel annoyed when too much of already known information is fed to him/her. Thus, with the help of user-centric software, the UI of application can be modified according to the relationship the customer enjoys with the app.
  2. It brings customer attention to relevant or revenue-focused features: The app has to generate revenue to survive. It can become a money-minting tool when the customer uses the features that generate revenue for the app owner. It has to be done with a focus on creating value for the customer. If the feature has lot to offer and allows the revenue generation too, it helps the customers as well as the business.
  3. It boosts activation of the membership: The customers are more likely to activate their association when they are fully confident of the applications and its features. The onboarding software enables stimulating interest in the users and they become more motivated to try activation at least once.

So, the basic help that the users’ onboarding tool provides is to create guided walkthroughs for the customers so that they feel well taken care of from the very first instance. The tools increase the comfort and confidence  for new users and bring immediacy in the app’s way of working, which is relevant for the existing users.


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