Web.com Reviews Debates Why E-Books Are Better Than Physical Books


The cold war between eBook readers and printed book readers has been going on even before the turn of the millennium. Even though e-books have been gaining steam in recent years, some people love the smell of a new book and like the tactile feeling of turning pages. However, most tangible benefits end there. Web.com Reviews looks at some of the advantages e-books have over physical books:

The Advantages

  1. No shipping or wait times – With e-books, you can get the latest release of your favorite author instantaneously. No need to wait for books to arrive at your local store or library. Even if you get physical books through Amazon, you need to wait for at least a day or two for it to get shipped. Instead, you can buy your favorite book online with a few clicks. It takes mere minutes.
  1. More portable and storage-friendly – Physical books are heavy, bulky, and enough of them can consume a lot of real estate. Hardbound editions add more weight. An e-Reader consumes less space than most books and can be carried with you anywhere. When you are on a trip you would never run out of books to read with a large inventory of e-books saved in your e-reader. It is a great boon for education as well. You can easily store all the eBooks of your course and read them on your way to the class or back to the dorm or your home.

Most eBooks take a few megabytes of space and some formats like EPUB consume less than a megabyte in most cases. All you need is sufficient storage in your e-reader and it can even be upgraded in the future at an affordable cost to hold as many books as the local library in the palm of your hands. However, physical books require plenty of shelves and floor space for those shelves.

  1. Built-in dictionaries – Books teach us plenty of things and new words. With physical books, you have to look up a dictionary for an unfamiliar word or google like a normal person. That can ruin the reading experience for many readers.

On the other hand, e-book readers have in-built functionalities like dictionaries that allow you to instantly look up the meaning of a word in the eBook by highlighting that word.

  1. Customization – Physical books come in fixed font size and style since we live in the world of muggles. No wizard magic here. However, you can change the font style and size of any e-book instantly. You don’t have to struggle to read by pulling the book closer to your face when words are too small to be visible.


Web.com Reviews believes that you are missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried out e-books. They are convenient, provide extreme versatility, and are good for the environment. More physical books mean fewer trees. Pickup an e-reader or try out one of your favorite books in an e-book reading app on your phone to change your reading experience forever.

Clare Louise

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