Web.com Reviews Looks at The Ugly Truth of “The Biggest Loser”


According to Web.com Reviews, reality shows on television are less about being real and more focused on being a source of entertainment. The popular American weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser” is a show that centers around the lives of approximately sixteen obese individuals and their journey to a weight loss program. The show is supposed to be an inspiration for all people who wish to cut down on their weight and promotes the usage of a healthy exercise schedule.

According to the makers of the show, the weight loss regimen is a result of a transformative lifestyle which includes sustainable exercise and healthier diet patterns. But is it all truth?

The Facts

Let’s look at the ugly side of this television reality show and the facts you might not be aware of.

  1. It’s not realistic – The contestants of the show need to spend a secluded life that can last for months on “the Ranch”. It is an allotment of land upon which the show is filmed. In the real world, is it even remotely possible or realistic to be isolated from friends, families, work, and home responsibilities? The near starving diet plan that they chalk out for the contestants is not only dangerously unhealthy but completely ridiculous too, considering the fact that it is impossible to stick to this routine on a long-term basis. The incredibly overbearing exercise routines are detrimental to both the physical and mental being of the individual.
  2. The benefits don’t last – The show has gained popularity with the masses because let’s admit, we are all struggling to shed those extra pounds. The quick reduction of obesity lures people to a great extent, so much so, that they ignore the various side effects that come with it, some of them for life. However, according to the various testimonies by doctors and even the tales of the contestants, the habits they follow on the ranch are easily and quickly lost and they are back to their original weight. The viewers should understand that the picture painted by the show into propagating that they follow a near healthy program is nothing but a bunch of lies.
  3. It’s an unhealthy approach – What appears on the surface of the show is planned to be viewed as a motivating and inspiring belief. People often believe that nothing is impossible if you are bent to achieve it.

Working out for at least five to eight hours a day is not only unrealistic in the long run but over the hours recommended by certified doctors. It ends up causing long term harm to your body that can become permanent and non-reversible.

Due to the various intense methods of weight loss, there is a fair chance that the metabolism of the contestants gets destroyed which has an overbearing impact on their health. Other than the physical damage, the persistent mental strain that the contestants have to cope with is enormous.


The desire to win substantial prize money often involves ignoring the doctor’s prescription and advice. Some even tend to dehydrate themselves in order to weigh less on the scales which can be hazardous to their health. According to Web.com Reviews, we should always follow the proper methods for losing weight. Being too hard on yourself by following unrealistic approaches showcased on ‘reality’ tv shows can be a very bad idea.

Clare Louise

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