What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of men when they cannot maintain an erection during intercourse. Many men experience occasional difficulty with their penis to make it hard and stay firm. However, ED is a concern when males face difficulty in remaining erect every time they have sex. You may feel awkward sharing the problem with your doctor. Nevertheless, you should know that medical science has many treatments that can help get rid of your problem. Tell your doctor what you are going through. He will diagnose your condition and prescribe suitable treatment options to cure your condition. There can be certain causes responsible for ED, and each cause may need different treatment. Your doctor may try to rule out the cause and suggest treatment options accordingly. They may include medications, vacuum pumps, and surgical methods. If you are already taking the medicines, order Viagra connect online today if it’s about to over. You can also get it offline. However, if you are experiencing ED and haven’t talked to your doctor yet, go and have a talk. It is a common and curable medical condition that many men develop. 


How can I know that I have erectile dysfunction?

Men may not successfully attain an erection for all time. If it happens occasionally, it is not a matter to worry; it’s normal. However, if you experience the condition very often or every time you have sexual activity, you may need medical help. 


What causes erection problems?

There can be various causes responsible for erection problems. They may include physical as well as psychological causes. There are cases when men face difficulty in maintaining an erection at odd times. The possible causes for this condition can be-

  • Anxiety
  • Embarrassment
  • Low interest in sexual intercourse
  • Feeling shame

The reasons for ED can vary if men experience the condition every time they have sexual intercourse. They may include- 

Physical causes

They are the most common causes of ED. If you have any of the below-mentioned underlying conditions and experiencing a weak erection, consult with your doctor. He may look for your treatment. 

  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol              
  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Hormonal diseases like testosterone insufficiency and thyroid problems
  • Wounds in the penis region or spinal cord
  • A structural problem with penis 
  • Surgical difficulties 
  • Cure of prostate cancer

Atherosclerosis is also a dominant reason for blood flow issues. It results in thinning or blocking of arteries in the penis. The blockage leads to insufficient blood flow to the penis and leads to causes erectile dysfunction. 

ED medications can help get rid of your condition. Buy Viagra connect online or offline to ease erection problems. It works by increasing the blood flow to the penis and helps in remaining erect during intercourse. 

Psychological causes

Psychological causes are rarely found in men dealing with the problem with ED. They take place when no anatomical deformity is diagnosed for weak erection. These causes may include- 

  • Intimacy fear
  • Serious anxiety
  • Sorrow 
  • Depression

Physical causes like heart diseases, hypertension, and hormonal disturbances are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. It is uncommon when a men experience the condition due to a psychological reason. However, there can be cases when men can have both causes responsible for ED. 

Nevertheless, a proper diagnosis can help rule out the cause. Accordingly, your doctor may prescribe treatment methods to address your condition. They may include medications, vacuum pumps, and surgical methods.


What are the treatments available for erectile dysfunction?

Certain treatment methods can help cure your condition. Your doctor may prescribe medications, vacuum treatment, and surgical options depending upon the cause ruled out in your diagnosis. 

  • Oral drugs

Medications may include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra. They increase the blood flow to the penis. You can buy ED medicines online as well as offline. However, buying medications online can be convenient and safe in this pandemic period. Daily Chemist can serve you the best in availing the medications at your doorsteps. You can order your product in easy steps. 

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  • Vacuum treatment

In this method, a hollow pipe is put over the penis to improve the blood flow and helps in maintaining an erection during intercourse. 

  • Injection or tiny depository

Your doctor may recommend an injection to introduce at the base of your penis. Moreover, you can also put a tiny depository into your organ before sex, on the consultation of your doctor. This treatment works the same way oral medications do.

  • Surgical methods

Methods like vascular treatment and penile implants are the end treatments suggested by a specialist. They are recommended only when other treatment options fail to bring successful results in improving your condition. 


In addition, you can ask your specialist if you can do some lifestyle adjustments to improve your condition. Order Viagra connect online (or other ED medicines) if they are about to end. For more information, consult with your doctor.


You can seek an online doctor consultation for erectile dysfunction. Visit the daily Chemist web page for any queries. Moreover, you can also request medical guidance from experts. 



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