What is Python and why should I learn it?

There are more than 8.2 million programmers who use the Python programming language, so no one can ever deny the importance of this language. Since its launch in the nineties of the last century, this language has gained great popularity in most academic circles and was used gradually until it became the most used language in the field of technology Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, which is now considered the basis for this technology as it is used in a large number of companies around the world – for example – Dropbox Cloud Storage Company.

The ability to make changes to the Python language makes it a very wonderful and easy language for novice developers, as it is also widely used in many technical and programming fields and is now the backbone of many applications and technologies spread in our world today.

Python language

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In this article we will explain to you the uses of this language and its importance and compare it to other programming languages ​​in addition to explaining the basic principles in order to start learning this programming language.

What is the Python language?

Python is a programming language that was launched and developed in 1990 by the Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum and it differs from other programming languages ​​as it is characterized by the ease of reading and writing the code in addition to not having to write long lines of code in order to give programming commands.

Python supports both object-oriented and fully organized programming and also greatly supports functional programming, which makes it a multi-use programming language that can be used and applied in a wide range of fields.

But how has the Python language been transformed and reached such a level of sophistication that it has become the most growing and used programming language by programmers all over the world?

The main reason for this is the presence of a huge library that can help novice programmers to use it in writing their code easily, these libraries were developed by other programmers in the past and anyone can rely on, modify, and publish them however they like, also the Python language is a free open source language and thus they It is not subject to any company and no one can limit its spread.

Thanks to the huge software library available on the Internet for free, all programmers, including beginners and professionals, can quickly create software projects without having to pay any money or rewrite the code again. In order to access this library, there are many resources that can be used .

Note: US Netflix uses streaming software, built in Python, to broadcast visual content over the Internet to customers.

Why is the Python language so popular?

Python is a high-level dynamic programming language that is very easy to learn, and much can be done through its use. The code or code for this language is easy to read and understand, and it is very close to the natural human language and there is no need to write any semicolons or Brackets Always, too, the Python programming language works well on any operating system whether it is Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

In short, Python is a very popular language and when we talk about its popularity we should highlight some of its advantages such as:

Easy to read language.

Structured layout and clean code.

There are not many exceptions when syntax.

The chain of cups can be manipulated very much.

The code is very elegant and dynamic.

Free open source language.

An ideal language for programming and its application in all fields.

It can work on any platform or operating system.

Do you want more, the Python language does not only do all that but there are a lot of other uses for it, for example, this language is very popular for use in multiple areas such as electronic automation, big data analysis and the development of artificial intelligence.

You will also like it when you know that this language is mainly used by many major companies around the world and scientific and educational institutions such as Yahoo, Google, Mozilla, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and IBM, NASA.

What makes Python language good for my software project?

The easy design makes the Python language a good choice for most of the programming projects that need the work of a team consisting of a number of programmers, as it is an easy-to-read language for this. For beginners and non-professional developers, they can make great advances in technology, computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

What are the primary uses of Python?

The Python language is widely used in the field of industrial intelligence development in the major companies that work on it such as Google, in addition to many other giants such as IBM, and big data experts in companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook also use this language In order to perform an analysis of all user data based on the artificial intelligence technology that was developed in the Python language, and through this data, the behavior of customers, targeting and improving the services provided to them are determined.

In addition, many companies and scientific institutions rely on the Python language to conduct their research including NASA and a large number of American and European universities.

E and others.

It is worth noting that the famous Instagram application was developed by Python.

In addition, most design and animation programs use Python source programming architecture, including 3D animation creation software such as Autodesk 3D Max, the Maya program, and the popular German program Cinema 4D, in addition to the most popular open source design programs that are JUMP, Inkscape and Scribus.

The developer of the open source office software package known as “Libre Office” also relies on the Python language, and Microsoft has developed Visual Basic and Microsoft Office using this language.

What is the difference between Python and other programming languages?

Any beginner and professional programmer can use the Python language to do anything he wants to do in any other high-level language such as programming languages ​​(++ C, C, JavaScript and PHP) It is very rare to find an application and technology developed in the past two decades that does not depend on The Python language is in it, and this indicates the importance of this language and its wide spread and popularity with most programmers.

Learning and using the Python language is very useful on a large scale for most of the technological fields, and programs for translating the Python language are available to meet all the required needs and the goals that are being worked on.

Pypy is a great application that can be used to write code cups in the Python language and is widely used to carry a lot of programming purposes, and it is an interpreter that works very quickly and is very easy to use.

Another popular program for writing Python cups is PyCharm, which provides almost the same features as Pypy.

What is the difference between Python 2 and Python 3?

Python 3 was developed in December 2008, in order to address and correct basic design flaws in addition to updating the language in general, in addition to removing old ways of doing things. For this reason, Python 3 is completely incompatible with Python 2 and this means that Most developers and programmers must learn the Python 3 language and rewrite the old code cups that were written in Python 2 to be compatible with the new version of this programming language.

Now the official Python website indicates that support for Python 2.7 will end on January 1, 2020, which means that the transition to Python 3 has become more urgent for everyone.

The UK’s National Cybersecurity Center has emphasized that stopping support for Python 2 will pose many security risks, because many programs rely mainly on this language, and this means that this software and technology will become more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks after a pause. Support for Python 2.

How do I start learning programming in Python?

To start learning the Python language, there are a lot of free resources and educational courses available for everyone on the Internet. You can simply search for programming lessons in the Python language using the Google search engine or on YouTube and you will find many videos and sites that explain the principles of programming in detail in the Python language for free.

If you are already familiar with programming and have learned a specific programming language, there is a high possibility that the program that you use to write your own programming language codes implicitly supports the Python language, and in many cases it is possible to add a specific tool that provides support for Python in any other programming language translator.

For new programmers, using a free translator that supports the Python language is very useful to them, and there are a lot of options available like this, for example you can try one of the following programs:



Sublime Text

Visual studio code

In this article we learned a lot about Python and its importance for the developer community and technology in general, I hope that what you have read is useful and motivating in order to start learning this powerful, wonderful and easy programming language.

If you have any questions or concerns please write it in the comments section below and I will answer it as soon as possible.


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