What Is the Appeal of a Thin Gaming Laptops?

Gaming laptops can be great for many reasons, but you may not have considered the benefits of a thin gaming laptop. Below we run through why a thin gaming laptop can hold a lot of appeal for gamers. With all the many options available, pinning it down to just one choice may feel impossible. With that in mind, here are some of the specs to factor into your decision making process. 

The Screen

The screen on a thin gaming laptop is never going to be the same as a specific gaming monitor, but don’t dismiss it just yet. There is lots to say for a good, thin screen when it comes to game visuals. There is a real capacity for clear graphics and decent visuals all round with a thin screen. There is also less reflection interference and it is easier to maintain. A thinner screen with a thin bezel is less distracting as there is less in your periphery to tease your eyes away from the main event.  

Thermal Limits

You might be worried that a slighter gaming laptop won’t be able to handle the heat. That’s just not the case, thankfully. If a laptop is intended for gaming it will without a doubt have exceptional thermal limit controls to ensure it doesn’t suffer when it comes to potential heat malfunctions. 


A thin gaming laptop is really convenient. They are lightweight which means you can travel easily with one. If you engage in gameplay with lots of players in the same place, you need something reliable that can travel well. They inconspicuously fit in your bag, and they can be easily cushioned in order to protect them too. Just because they are a thinner build, this doesn’t mean that they’re built to break. These devices are just as durable, if not more so, than some of the bigger models currently available. So, you get the portability, the subtleness and the easy travel all rolled into one stable device. 

The Price

The price varies from model to model, of course. However, that being said, you can find a decent thin gaming laptop for a decent price if you know where to look. A decent quality game depends on how the hardware functions; processor speed and RAM including GPU capacity are all important considerations. But a thin gaming laptop is usually equipped pretty well to preform above adequately in order to make the gaming experience an enticing one. You might feel like you have to spend the big bucks, but you don’t. In fact, you can get a decent quality thin gaming laptop for around $300. 


Poorly made thin gaming laptops are a thing of the past. Recent technology has paved the way for top quality products that can more than cope with the demands of demanding games. This includes graphics, memory, processing speeds and, if you need it, portability. They can do a lot for your game and are a worthy investment.

David Curry

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