What Is The Difference Between a Sensual and Erotic Gay Male Massage?

Although our world is quite tolerant nowadays, many gay men still feel shy and confused when it comes to sexual orientation. They are afraid of misunderstanding, and it’s understandable – some people still don’t understand them. So, looking for new experiences, emotions, and feelings, gay men choose massage services, as it helps them to feel accepted, loved, and understood. Gay male massages are quite popular among gay men, as nothing can be compared to the gentle caressing of another man who understands you and knows for sure what you need. 

Gay male massage benefits

Gay massage can be a very interesting and exciting experience for any gay. Men know better where to touch and what to do to the male body to make it aroused very quickly. Sometimes, gay massages are tried even by men who prefer women, as they are looking for something new to spice things up. It’s always good to be open and try new things in life. Let’s have a look at the benefits of a gay male massage:

  • At the physical level, it helps to relax stressed muscles and improve blood circulation, nerve function, and mobility of joints. This increases body fluidity and may even help to cure many short- and long-term diseases such as back pain, arthritis, and insomnia.
  • At an emotional level, it provides men with the caring, unobtrusive, or intrusive touch, depending on what a person needs and asks for. It makes the busy mind calm, reduces stress, and makes the person feel loved again. On a deeper level, massage can help release any harmful energy caught in the tissues of our body. This can lead to powerful changes in energy fields, helping to clear chakra.
  • If a prostate massage is part of the procedure, benefits are even more numerous. Prostate massage stimulates blood flow, which leads to the improved blood supply and oxygen saturation of the penis. Besides, it reduces pain syndrome and restores erectile function. It can also help to eliminate pathogens that have led to inflammation while minimizing the risk of further inflammation.

But there are two types of gay male massages: erotic and sensual. Let’s have a look at the differences between them.

Main differences between a sensual and erotic gay male massages

Sensual and erotic massages are actually quite similar, but some differences are still present. So, let’s divide these two massage types.

  1. Erotic massage. As a rule, erotic massage is focused primarily on sexual pleasure. Understandably, the biggest attention is paid to the penis, testicles, and prostate (if a man wants it to be caressed). The main focus of such a procedure is making the person who receives the massage aroused and making him experience orgasm via stimulation erogenous zones mainly. 
  2. Sensual massage. Those who love more delicate, soft and gentle interaction select this type of procedure. Indeed, this procedure brings sexual satisfaction too, but this is done in a more sophisticated way, stimulating unobvious erogenous areas. During such a massage, the entire body becomes an erogenous zone. Besides, the healing effect is more pronounced here.

In SweetTouch Valencia, all men can try both types of massages. Be sure professional masseurs will bring you to the peak of relaxation and satisfaction. You will be loved and understood.


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