Where do I freeze my oocytes?

In this respect, Ukrainians are lucky. Ukraine is one of the few countries where all reproductive technologies are fully allowed. It is still not quite clear why other countries actively hinder the development of such medicine – usually this is due to the influence of the church on social life. However, in Ukraine freezing and subsequent use of oocytes is fully allowed, and it is an important part of any infertility treatment.

Choosing a clinic where to freeze your eggs is very serious. You can take advice from women who have already undergone such a procedure. If there are none of these in your circle, you can turn to the many communities of women who want or are already trying to conceive with the help of artificial insemination. Ask them for advice – you will often get a lot of important tips for achieving the best possible result, as well as the necessary moral support and confirmation that such an important step is paying off.

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It is important that the clinic not only promises results, i.e., the maximum number of frozen oocytes, but also takes care of your health. There are many clinics that perform harsh hormonal therapy to achieve maximum results at any cost, because in the end, for the inexperienced in this matter, it is the number of frozen oocytes that matters. However, it is better to choose clinics that treat their patients with the utmost care. The rule is very simple – a woman can produce a lot of oocytes, and cruel stimulation can also lead to premature menopause. So, it is important to pay attention not to the promise of quick or cheap results, but to the doctors’ desire to really help you. It is important that doctors fully answer your questions, explaining in detail all the steps of the procedure and the possible consequences. It is better to have several sessions of hormone therapy in one clinic, which will eventually lead to success, despite the price, than to save once, sacrificing your reproductive health once and for all.

You have every right to ask the doctors how many times a year or a month they freeze your eggs. If they, do it only a few times a year, think about whether you should trust such people, because they obviously have little experience, and you are risking your body. If the staff hesitates or does not want to answer direct questions – just turn around and go to another clinic. Real professionals will answer every question quickly, even if it is a nurse who must assist in egg retrieval. Real professionals will not hide anything – on the contrary, they will let you know every step of the way, explain how important it is to follow every doctor’s recommendation (for example, to drink lots of fluids during stimulation) and explain in detail all the risks associated with hormonal stimulation of the ovaries.

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