Why Integrating Salesforce With Your Phone System Makes Sense

If you use Salesforce and don’t have it integrated with your business’s phone system, you are missing out on some amazing benefits that technology has to offer. While nothing really beats the personal touch of having a live person on the line speaking with your customers, technology and automation can make their jobs much easier so that they can focus on one thing only, which is to make and receive calls. Here are some of the main reasons why integrating your phone system with Salesforce just makes sense.

Less Manual Entry

Salesforce has a myriad of features to allow your reps to add notes, set up future call appointments, and move your customers through the sales or customer service process with clicks and manual entry. All of this data is important, but it can take time and slow a representative down when they have to use two different systems to do their job – one to make calls and one to track the calls. Salesforce integration with phone system technology can help to give your reps the ability to make and receive calls right in salesforce, or potentially automatically pull up the salesforce information they need when a call is placed or received. This helps your reps get more done, not to mention they can do their jobs in a much more efficient manner without having to learn the ins and outs of two different software platforms.

More Accurate Data

Inaccurate data can lead to bad business decisions and can ultimately cost you money. Humans are naturally prone to making mistakes, but computers don’t make mistakes nearly as often. By automating call logging, as well as other data points when calls are made or received can help you to have a much more accurate and transparent picture of how the calling efforts are going for your business. This data can help you to make better decisions, as well as how to measure performance for your agents and customers.

Finding The Right Phone System

Not all VOIP systems are created equal, meaning that it is important to seek out the right IP phone system that is able to integrate with the desktop apps that you use. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a phone system for your business:

  • Voice Quality – Picking a system that can not only integrate with Salesforce, but that has crystal clear audio is very important. Being able to clearly hear the speakers on both ends of the line can decrease call times and make them much more efficient.
  • Features – Selecting a phone system that has all of the features you need to fully integrate with your app is important. Some of these features may include unlimited queues, ring groups, and intelligent reconnect to instantly pair a dropped call with the previous agent.
  • API Integration – This is the main feature you need to look into as the phone system’s ability to connect to your desktop app via API is essential to make all of this automation magic work.

David Curry

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