Why People Avoid Medical Checkups and Why You Shouldn’t

We all know that there are no more valuable things on earth than our health; hence, health is wealth. There are many ways to stay healthy. Exercise, a healthy diet, and abstinence from bad habits and vices are among the few ways to treat our bodies well.

Another significant way to maintain our health is getting a medical check up in Singapore. Doctor consultation has never been more vital than before. Especially today that technological advancement in the medical field has opened many doors for early detection of chronic diseases and treatments to incurable illnesses.

Although this kind of advancedhealth screening promotionis becoming more accessible and affordable, some people are reluctant to get ahealth screening package. Some of them have valid reasons, while others fall for misconceptions.

Reasons Why People Avoid Medical Checkups

Sometimes, it takes amedical check up in Singaporeto prevent simple or chronic diseases. If you know someone or you yourself try to avoid getting a health screening package, here are the possible reasons.

They Feel Healthy

People have this notion that you only visit a doctor when you are sick. This kind of thinking is dangerous. People become complacent with their health knowing that they have a low risk of getting inherited diseases or think they are too fit and healthy to become vulnerable to ailment.

What people fail to realise is that not all diseases show physical or noticeable symptoms. For example, high blood pressure can affect everyone no matter what your weight is. Contrary to common belief, high blood pressure also affects people as young as 20 years old.

Some ailments have slow onset as well. For example, stomach cancer is one of the cancers that have delayed progression and rarely show symptoms. Detection in the early stages of cancer increases the person’s chance of survival, and it takes tests and a health screening package to detect this kind of illness.

Generally, you don’t have to be sick to be eligible for amedical check up in Singapore.Consulting a doctor even when you are healthy is essential in maintaining one’s health.

They Are Afraid

Sadly, one reason why people refuse to get a medical check up in Singaporeor get a health screening promotionis fear. There are many possible reasons why people fear visiting a doctor.

Firstly, they have phobias. Among the examples are trypanophobia or the fear of medical procedures involving injections and hemophobia or the fear of blood. People should realise that these phobias should not be undermined. Instead, people should provide encouragement and support to their friends and relatives with phobias to get a health screening packageand medical checkup.

Lastly, people fear the bad news– the unpleasant medical evaluation result. Sometimes the symptoms or the knowledge that there is something is wrong in their body creates fear and anxiety.

However, delayed medical check up in Singapore only leads to the worsening of the disease. Mental and emotional support encourages people to consult a doctor.

They Are Embarrassed

Unfortunately, taboo and stigma have prevented many people from consulting their doctors regarding health conditions concerning their private parts and sexual activities.

People with sexually transmitted diseases and infections were stigmatised and condemned socially around the world. What the community can do to stop the stigma and encourage people to get an STD medical check up in Singaporeis to ramp up social and medical awareness and education about these diseases. Access to an affordable health screening packagealso encourages many people to get checked.

Providing emotional and mental support to friends and families with STDs boost their confidence to consult with a specialist regarding their condition.

They Don’t Have The Resources

Another significant reason why people rarely visit a doctor or get a health screening promotion is financial restrictions.

Some people do not have health care insurance to pay for their regular checkups. People who earn enough just for day to day living do not have spare money for checkups; ergo, personal health is their last priority.

On the other hand, there are cases where people have the resources yet refuse to get amedical check up in Singapore, believing it is a waste of money.

Yes, maintaining your health is costly but getting sick is much more expensive. People who don’t have enough money can opt for hospitals and healthcare providers subsidised by the government. Some clinics offer anaffordable health screening package as well.

They Are Uninformed or Misinformed

Ignorance and misinformation is a terrible combination. Before visiting a medical professional, we first consult our friends and relatives who are barely qualified doctors.

Our friends and family may mean well with their advice; however, the case is not every health condition is the same. You and your friend may have suffered similar symptoms, but the health condition can be different. Oftentimes, this kind of advice can lead to misinformation.

In different circumstances, we visit Dr Google to diagnose ourselves based on our symptoms. Google may hold a lot of valuable information, but unfortunately, not in the case of diagnosis, which requires your medical history, physical examination, and tests and screening.

It is much better to visit a medical professional who studied years in medical school and practised medicine in hospitals to do our health evaluation. They also have the appropriatehealth screening promotion and medical equipment for accurate diagnosis.

They Don’t Like To Be Told To

Unfortunately, this is the simplest and probably the shallowest reason people refuseto go to a medical check up in Singapore. Some people don’t like to be told to by doctors or nagged on by their families.

There are circumstances where people find it hard to accept that they are unhealthy and refuse to believe anything the doctor says or suggests. Sometimes, people wholeheartedly accept that they are unhealthy and believe that no treatment can reverse their condition. On the other hand, some people simply can’t quit the things that worsen their health.

Instead of nagging, people can opt for a more friendly approach. Sometimes, it only takes sweet and encouraging words to convince your friend or relative to get ahealth screening package.

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