Why the statodynamic regimen is popular when training for mass with Andriol TC?

There are many modes of muscle work and they all have their own name.

For example, a dynamic mode is called such a mode of Buying Andriol Testocaps, in which the muscles are tensed and their length changes during the work.

That is, the muscle is stretched – contracted.


Static or isometric mode is a mode in which muscles experience tension, however, its length does not change. For example, when we try to lift an exorbitantly large weight or simply rest against the wall. There is tension, but there is no change in muscle length.

And the statodynamic mode is a mode when we experience constant continuous muscle tension, but the length of the working muscles does not change during movement. That is, the muscle is stretched – contracted, but the tension is constant, without relaxation.

Why is the statodynamic regime so popular during mass training? What are its advantages compared to other load modes?

When the muscles are in constant tension during the exercise, they do not get the opportunity to receive oxygen from the bloodstream.

Since muscle tension blocks blood vessels and small capillaries, supplying muscles with blood. Thus, the muscle in the process of performing the exercise, the muscle is in a state of hypoxia, that is, oxygen deficiency.

And oxygen restriction leads to the fact that in all existing types of muscle fibers in a particular muscle, the process of anaerobic glycolysis is enhanced.

Anaerobic glycolysis is characterized by the fact that when it is used by muscles as a mechanism of energy supply, lactic acid is formed.

Lactic acid, in turn, is a necessary factor for creating metabolic stress. And metabolic stress is one of the important incentives for further hypertrophy.

It is this mode that allows you to increase the depth of muscle fatigue during the exercise. Tire as much muscle fibers as possible, and stimulate further hypertrophy in as many muscle fibers as possible.


Paul Petersen

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